Bay Leaf Buffet
Never had Indian food? This buffet is for you. 
By Jan Walsh 

Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine and Bar's buffet is back! The self-serve, open buffet offers everything from salad to desserts, and many dishes in between from mild to spicy. The buffet is served from 11:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and available for dine in or takeout, for only $15 per person. Regulars line up for Bay Leaf’s buffet. But I find it is also a great opportunity for those who have never tried Indian cuisine or who want to try more Indian dishes without committing to a full plate of a single dish. Kev prefers mild. I want the heat. So, it is also perfect for us. 
Bay Leaf’s cocktails are also an adventure that we never miss, a sweet drink for him, Chai-Tini and a spicy one, Jal Jeera Margarita for me. Chai-Tini is a house favorite martini. This fusion of original Indian chai tea with top-shelf vodka is topped with a splash of ginger liqueurs and garnished with nutmeg. My Jal Jeera Margarita is spicy yet refreshing made of Jal jerra and top shelf tequila. 
We are first in line today for salad and Butter Nann, always a must. The crisp salad with fresh veggies and sweet, acidic raspberry dressing whets our appetites for the full spread. So many options, more than we can try! Kev’s favorite is the Haderabad Chicken and Curly Fries. He loads up on these small, golden, tender pieces of white meat chicken. I wish I had! And the whimsical spirals are crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside, boasting comforting potato flavor. It is hard to compete with his choices for two other entrée favorites.


Yet my Veggie Basmati Rice and Gulf Shrimp rival them. The light, fragrant rice and buttery nutty flavors enhance the succulent shrimp, making me crave more. 
Kev is delighted and impressed with the nutty Rice Pudding. His mother made rice pudding, and it brings back sweet food memories. Always my favorite dessert at Bay Leaf is Gualalo Jamum. These warm, fried dough balls are sticky and sweet, with melt in the mouth tenderness and hints of rose. And a plate full of both desserts topped off with sweet mango chutney and tamarind sauce adds a superb layer of sweet sour. 


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