Holiday Cake

The joy of not baking…

By Jan Walsh

I like to cook. I hate to bake. Cooking can be forgiving. Can taste as I go, adding touches of this and that until my savory dishes taste just right. But not with baking, is too mathematical for me. Precise temps, pre-set baking times, and exact measurements must be followed. Plus, there is a science to baking that most recipes don’t account for, such as humidity, altitude, and atmospheric pressure! Thus, the only cake I bake is a cheesecake. It has no flour, baking soda, etc., so it can’t fall far. And I can get creative with the toppings.

That said, I left my Thanksgiving dessert to a professional, Pastry Chef, Dolester Miles. For Thanksgiving, Highlands Bar and Grill offered take home sides and desserts. We ordered cornbread dressing, mac and cheese, and their famous coconut pecan cake. The dressing was incredible, the best we have ever had! The marvelous mac and cheese was just like Bottega’s. And the cake was as wonderful as ever. My family devoured it, not only for dessert, but also for breakfast, Iron Bowl fare, and late-night cravings until the last crumb was gone. They are already asking if we are going to have the cake for Christmas!

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