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A Son's 40th Birthday Dinner

Jordan chose Abhi for his special birthday dinner.

By Jan Walsh

Plans keep pivoting for my family’s special occasions. We originally planned to take the whole family to the new Abhi in Mountain Brook Village to celebrate Jordan's 40th birthday. But with current status, we decided not to have Ross fly home, just stay safe instead. Jordan is in driving distance. So Abhi treated him to an at home feast!

I set the table with my aunt’s fine china, my grandmother’s silver, and a birthday cake of his favorite since he was a boy—my secret recipe, strawberry cheesecake. And we spread out bowls and platters of Abhi’s fare on our 18th Century sideboard.

Jordan and Kev begin with two orders of KFC. They dip these plump Kathmandu Fried Chicken “lollipops” into Abhi’s special sweet sauce and soon devour the entire platter. And I start with coconut curry soup and spring rolls as usual. The favorite soup traveled well, is warm and welcoming—as always. And the crisp, light and lovely Filipino egg rolls filled with turkey, carrots, celery, water chestnuts whet my appetite without filling.

We all shared the always a must—momos, house made Nepalese dumplings. I don’t think our family has ever eaten Abhi in or takeout without these delicate ground turkey delights that melt in the mouth.

Jordan enjoyed his two favorite rolls: Wham Bam Birmingham and Fire Roll. The hearty Birmingham roll is a tempura lover’s dream of shrimp with avocado, cucumber, wasabi mayo, and eel sauce and wrapped in grilled salmon. And for those who like tuna and like it hot, such as Jordan, Fire Roll turns up the heat with a spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber topped with fresh tuna, avocado, and Abhi aioli and sriracha.

Kev loves the curry bowls. His usual is chicken, but tonight he tries the House Marinated Beef Curry Bowl. And just like that he has a new favorite bowl.

I opt for the Chicken Sizzler, which I order when I want cutting edge comfort, such as tonight. In the restaurant, this is served on the same cast iron pan it is cooked in, sizzling and steaming all the way to the table. I am pleased to see the takeout version still steaming with its enticing aromas. Generous amounts of tender, white meat chicken, slathered in his secret sauce, are rounded out with Abhi’s incredible rice. I would dine at or order out Abhi just for this rice.

After dinner, Jordan makes a wish, blows out the candles of his favorite cake. Unreal he is turning 40. I wonder what he wished for...


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