Bless My Heart

Ted’s Restaurant serves Southern fare with a Greek accent.

By Jan Walsh

Entering Ted’s Restaurant I am greeted with smiling faces holding pitchers of iced tea. I look forward to being called pet names, such as “dear” and “honey.” And if I am a real sweetie I might be “darling” today. Servers on the line hope I know what I want and don’t waste time tapping my hands on the top of the steam table, like Elaine in Seinfeld. Afterall there are people lined up out the door behind me. When a lady slinging veggies wears a ballcap that says, “Every day is a bad hair day,” I don’t want to be told “No veggies for you, one year! NEXT” So, I smile and quickly order veggies from Thursday’s list. And the line smiles back at me. As always, owners Tasos and Beba Touloupis welcome everyone, including us like we are family, all while getting a catering order out the door.

Kev opts for one of the most popular proteins. Fried Chicken and rounds out his plate with another favorite mac and cheese along with cabbage, and green beans. The big bird is golden and crusty outside, and juicy inside. True Southern fried chicken.

The mac and cheese here is amazing, plump noodles, in a mild, creamy sauce that oozes comfort. And the green beans look and taste like my Granny’s, tender uneven pieces that are sweet and earthy. Kev pairs with a roll like the Yankee he is and sweet tea.

Some Thursdays the special is Fried Grouper. Today it is Fried Cod. Never had this fish fried. So, I catch it along with some of Thursday’s veggie specials: Brussel sprouts, squash casserole, and Greek potatoes. The succulent fish is lightly dusted with a golden crust and is pristine white inside. The acidity of the Brussels enhances the fish. It would not be meat and three without squash casserole, adding color and a taste of the South. And the Greek potatoes are slightly caramelized outside and soft and creamy inside, boasting a rich, lemony flavor that accentuates the fish with its acute Greek accent. I pair with a cornbread muffin, like any self-respecting Southerner would do, and unsweet tea and three lemon slices, which is my specific way of ordering extra lemons.

For dessert we share a Peach Fried Pie. Where else can you find homemade fried pies…  People don’t cook like this anymore. The pie is dusted with confectioners’ sugar, for an additional layer of sweetness. On first bite the sugar coats the palate, followed by thin crisp crust, and ripe peaches. The ultimate old school dessert!


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