Last Chance

We landed at Ocean’s bar for the final Tuesday Takeover.

By Jan Walsh

Ocean Restaurant reopened on Tuesday nights last fall. And to get the party started they launched Tuesday Takeover, featuring half priced sushi, buy one get one raw oyster specials, and brought back their famous Lobster Pot Pie!

I had been saving this takeover night for when our son, Jordan was in town on a Tuesday and almost waited too long. Yet tonight we all made it for the final Tuesday Takeover. Seated between Kev and Jordan at the bar is the best seat in the house. Jordan starts with Murder Point Oysters. Kev and I order our usual, off the menu, Baby Lobster Tails. Raised in Alabama by a family-owned business, these oysters are to die for! Rich, creamy, and fresh, served on a bed of ice with the house made cocktail sauce and condiments. And the lobster tails are as excellent as ever, sizzling with aromas of “The Love,” George’s secret blend of spices. Grilled over hickory wood, until they curl to perfection, these babies slide out of their shells and onto our plates where we dip in butter and devour.

Next Jordan opts for sushi. And George has a surprise for Kev and me! Awe… He has prepped the last two Lobster Pot Pies of the season just for us. Here’s the beef! Angus Beef Tartare Roll is the favorite sushi of the evening. Tender angus beef is rolled with rice, capers, fried leeks, cornichons, and spicy mustard. The best of both worlds for sushi and beef lovers. Our pot pies are served piping hot in copper ramekins, covered in a warm doughy crust. A generous catch of succulent, lobster in bite sized pieces is enhanced by a colorful and flavorful mix of veggies inside and outside the pie.

We three decide to share a dessert. Jordan loves sweet potato pie, but none of us have ever heard of Sweet Potato Cake until now… Maple pecan, cream cheese frosting top the moist, four-layer, comforting cake. And French vanilla anglaise adds a touch of class. Who needs sweet potato pie?

All good things must come to an end, but Ocean will remain open on Tuesday evenings.

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