Bistro 218 snapper sancerreSancerre is lovely match for Bistro 218’s red snapper.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

The Alabama red snapper season is one to catch. We did just that and paired this beautiful fish with a bottle of Domaine Vincent Delaporte Sancerre 2012.

Located downtown at 218 20th Street North, Bistro 218’s executive chef and owner, Tom Saab is among the best chefs in Birmingham. The execution of the highest quality products in the hands of this professionally trained, highly skilled chef, are apparent on every plate served here—including this one. Tonight for dinner Saab pan seared the red snapper, presented it atop a bed of McEwen and Sons’s Organic Blue Corn Grits, and topped it off with three crispy fried okra pods. Gorgeous white bites of the snapper flake into the creamy blue grits—a perfect marriage of starch and protein. And the fresh whole okra sings of its freshness and the care taken in frying it. No air pocket between the okra and its golden crust. This okra was fried in peanut oil, verses typical frying oil—cheap, unhealthy Canola Oil. The Sancerre further enhances the flavors of the dish, with its pale gold color, with notes of blackcurrant and kiwi.  Bistro 218 is also a favorite lunch spot with lovely Gulf Seafood on that menu too. They are open for lunch Tuesday through Friday and for dinner Tuesday through Saturday.


Published, B-Metro magazine, July 2014

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