Table for Two

Lunch at Bistro V pleases him and her.

By Jan Walsh

Kev and I have different palates. He likes sweet, pork, and beer. I like spicy, seafood, and wine. But neither of us have to give in about where to have lunch because Bistro V pleases us both…

We do agree on bread and always enjoy Bistro V’s addictive bread as a starter. Eating one slice is impossible. Always piping hot, coated with their marvelous, melted honey butter. We pair with Stella for Kev and a Sancerre for me.

Give this man a ham sandwich, and he is happy. And today new to the menu at Bistro V he finds just that, only better. I opt for the fish of the day, which today is snapper over succotash. Yet surprisingly I soon find myself envying Kev’s sandwich just for the tomato. I spy the prettiest heirloom tomato ever peeking out the side, making me crave a tomato sandwich. Also tucked inside the thick lawyers of slightly toasted sourdough bread are a heavenly ham, fried egg, crisp bacon, melted cheese, and fresh lettuce that meld together with the juicy tomato into a hearty, scrumptious sandwich. His choice of fries, as a side, are golden crisp on outside, soft on the inside, and piping hot throughout. They are served with house made ketchup. My snapper is a beauty: mild and moist, delicate and sweet. And I have never had a better succotash! It is filled with okra, field peas, greens, and yellow squash. And each bite is bursting with farm freshness.

We leave fulfilled not leaving a morsel behind.



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