Tried, and Truly Terrific

Lunch at Bistro V brings us back for more of his, and more of hers.

By Jan Walsh

Bistro V is one of our favorite restaurants. They know where we want to sit without asking. And our favorite table awaits as we walk in the door. The place is packed, as always. Both ladies who lunch, biz lunches, and solo diners are loyal patrons.

Here, executive chef, Jeremy Downey and team serve fabulous farm to table and Gulf to table fare, in addition to stellar steaks. We order a local brew for Kev and a Sancerre for me, as we look over the menu and hear about today’s specials. Kev has previously had many of the sandwiches and entrees on the menu because so many of them appeal to him. Today he opts for the Hamburger Steak. I tend to stick with the fish special, which is either grouper or snapper with a daily set. But I have been trying to break this delicious habit lately, realizing all that I am missing. On our last lunch here, I had the Fried Shrimp, with slaw and fries. It was the best fried shrimp I have ever had and so good that I wanted it again. Seriously, where else can you get a comforting, surfy, turfy Gulf fried shrimp and hamburger steak at a chef driven restaurant? But I disciplined myself to order something I have not had here before… Scallops, only because I had not caught them on the menu.

Kev’s hamburger steak arrives steaming. It is a hand patted to order, thick, and generous. This beefy plate also includes grilled onions and smooth, creamy mashed potatoes, all in a scrumptious, house made gravy. Highly recommended! My scallops float on a bed of fresh, sauteed spinach bursting with freshness, encircled in a bed of yellow grits boasting bits of sweet corn. The scallops are golden on the outside, white, translucent and succulent on the inside. And they taste like they were captured this morning. I take scallops seriously and know where to order them. Bistro V is on my short list.

For dessert we split a bowl of Chocolate Bread Pudding. It arrives warm with two large scoops of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream quickly melts into the warm pudding, making a gorgeous, gooey, chocolatey, cinnamon delight.

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