Where Everybody Eats

Billy’s Sports Grill keeps bringing them back for more.

By Jan Walsh

Billy’s Sports Grill is our favorite Liberty Park eatery. And we are in good company. Whenever Kev asks his lunch groups¾YLDP team and his old friends¾where they want to eat, “Let’s eat at Billy’s” is always the answer.

This week he takes both groups to Billy’s on separate days. But no matter the day, Billy’s is packed with young and seniors: ladies lunching on their entrée salads, workmen grabbing a burger, families with children, and often times, VHPD and MBPD.

And favorites among the groups were Caesar Salmon Salad, Signature Chicken Sandwich, and the Hamburger. The Caesar is a generous romaine salad loaded with croutons and shaved Parm. Adding a protein: grilled or fried chicken, grilled or blackened salmon, grilled or blackened mahi, or ribeye steak makes it a meal. Or if you are skimping, light Caesar dressing is also an option. This is the favorite dish of Billy’s owner, Terry Humphries. So, Kev follows his suggestion and orders the Caesar with grilled salmon and fried olives. The succulent salmon, creamy coated lettuce, pungent cheese, and the crunchy croutons is a meal in itself. And sprinkling the fried olives on top adds another layer of flavors and textures.

Billy’s Signature Chicken Sandwich has been a favorite since 1979. A hearty, marinated, and grilled chicken breast is topped with lettuce, and (option of) melted cheese. We have been eating this scrumptious sandwich since Billy’s was in Mountain Brook Village. Highly recommended! But you just can’t beat their burger, which is the most ordered dish of the two groups. A half pound of ground chuck is marinated and grilled to order because at Billy’s Sports Grill you can have it your way. Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion, you may add cheese, jalapeno, bacon, and a fried egg. And they did.

As fulfilling as the comfort food at Billy’s is, there is always room for their old-fashioned ice cream. Strawberry Hand Spun Shake, Ice Cream Cone, and Root Beer Float end the meals on a happy note. And Billy’s desserts are just another reason why everybody eats here!

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