Sunday Funday

Abhi Eatery and Bar is now open for Sunday lunch and dinner.

By Jan Walsh

Sunday lunch at Abhi Eatery and Bar is back by popular demand! When the Abhi at The Summit location closed, taking down its Sunday lunch, many of us were disappointed. So Abhi came to our rescue… opening Mountain Brook Village for lunch to satisfy our Sunday appetites! Looking over the menu, we want it all. But we came especially for the Udon Noodles with peanut sauce. This long-time favorite, Mountain Brook dish was not on The Summit menu. Additionally, Kev can never resist the Kathmandu Fried Chicken Wings, and I always opt for the Lumpia. We both want the Mo:Mo. And to make lunch even more fun, we decide to make our lunch a big array of apps from the Let’s Share menu with the caveat of each ordering something new. New for Kev is Pork Belly with Steamed Buns. And I cheat a little, ordering from the Salads menu, Sesame Caesar Salad to pair with the Coconut Curry Soup.

We start with drinks, which remind me of two lovely ladies. Jolene is a mix of my neighbor’s Dread River Vodka, cranberry and lemon juices, pumpkin crème, and Champagne. Notes of “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene…” pop into my head on the first sip of this red headed beauty. Flirty and voluptuous, this autumn cocktail makes a creamy, slow and satisfying sipper. Ozeki Hana Awaka Peach Sparkling Sake is just the opposite. What you see is what you get in this delightful, bubbly, and sweet gal who wears peach perfume and sparkles like diamonds.

Comforting ribbons of Japanese steamed noodles intertwine in the Udon Noodle bowl, glistening in their scrumptious, nutty peanut sauce. Sprinkled with dark to light sesame seeds, the noodles are just as we remembered: plump, soft, and chewy. Highly recommended! The noodles are also available with Ginger Scallion sauce. Kev’s Kathmandu Fried Chicken Wings are meaty, juicy, and flavorful. Dipping in House sweet sauce adds layers of sweet tartness to these fab fried wings. My dainty Lumpia Fillipino egg rolls satisfy my forever craving of Joy Young. These golden rolls are deftly wrapped and filled with turkey, carrot, celery, and water chestnut. I drizzle the House sweet sauce inside and out, and close my eyes as I go back in time to the former downtown destination restaurant. We can never overlook ordering the Mo:Mo. Who could live with this level of regret? Each delicate, steamed Nepalese turkey dumpling, melts in the mouth, and whispers a Southern accent in their Alabama tomato vinaigrette.

We find more favorites today… Kev makes small sandwiches of his tender Pork belly with pristine steam buns. And I can’t resist doing the same as he shares with me. Oh, my! These puffy, light clouds are a blank canvas that we slice and overfill with plump pork belly, onions, jalapeno, plus red and green bell peppers. Another irresistible dish, perfect for sharing! Not as simple as it looks, the Sesame Caesar Salad is surprisingly one of the best Caesars I have ever tasted. Dusted with crunchy sesame and crowned with crisp wontons, each whisp of lettuce is laminated in an unforgettable dressing, balanced and bright, refreshing and light. And the Coconut Curry Soup is splendid, as always: savory, sweet, and a hint of spice finished with scallions for color, mild grassy, oniony flavor, and something to sink your teeth into.

More fun coming in the near further, from Abhi to Mountain Brook! His latest concept, Maro, which means to give the best, just as he always has. Stay tuned…



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