Sensational Steaks, Fantastic Fish

Ocean’s steaks are as awesome as the seafood.

By Jan Walsh

Tonight, Kev and I take our regular seats, in the corner of the bar, at one of our favorite restaurants, Ocean. Lucky us, we have gift cards in hand from our son, Ross! Here we watch the action in the open kitchen and hang out with our bartender pal, Robby Greenwood, who is also the bar manager at Ocean. We opt for his recommendation of food friendly Aimery 1531 Cremant De Limoux Brut. As Robby pours our bubbly, owner and executive chef, George Reis takes a break from the kitchen for a visit. It is great to catch up and fun to watch him take on Chef de Cuisine, Ric Trent’s role tonight, who is off this evening. So, we keep our visit short to let the man get back to cooking.

I order the red snapper, and Kev orders the filet, to which Robby asks, “No baby lobster tails to start?” We laugh at the question, as that is a given. We have never dined here without either starting with these babies or making a meal of them. Slathered with “The Love” (Reis’ secret blend of spices), the wood fire grilled tails slide out of the shells, whole. And the succulent, moist and buttery Baby Lobster Tails are incredible as always, melting in the mouth.

Kev’s generous, thick, tender, and juicy Hereford Filet Mignon arrives steaming hot and cooked to order. A few dashes of house made Worcestershire adds both a touch of color and a complimentary layer of flavor to the steak. It is accompanied by a beautiful blue cheese gratin, haricot verts, bacon, and onions. My Red Snapper Two Ways is a dream come true because sometimes I can’t decide how I want my fish here, given the pure fish and whole fish can be prepared any way you like: pan seared, fried, wood fired grilled, etc. My plate includes a fabulous, seared fillet, also seared with “The Love,” and golden cornmeal crusted nuggets. Oh, my! I have my fillet and nuggets too. Both are enhanced by a gorgeous and gratifying succotash, H.C. heirloom tomato. Highly recommended! Sadly, we left no room for dessert because Ocean’s desserts are always divine. Thank you, Ross! 


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