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Bistro 218 Hellefied File Gumbo

What is hellefied? 
Chef Tom Saab recalls, “I was sitting at the bar at Bocca one night in street clothes, and a gentleman from New Orleans was telling the bartender that he dined at Bistro recently, and they made some ‘Hellefied’ gumbo down there.” And thus, the name!  “So that is why you walk around in a suit sometimes, incognito like Howard Hughes, to see what is really going on?” I jokingly ask. “Pretty much,” he says. “He did not know who I was.”

Walking Frito Pie 

Dreamland Bar-B-Que CEO, Betsy, McAtee shares recipe + chili.

Dreamland’s walking recipe is perfect for game day tailgating, especially if "That Guy!" has your tailgating chair… and your beers. 

Baby Greens

George Reis tosses homegrown, local organics of Michael Dean Farms.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Ocean's chef George Reis is an experienced chef with accolades abound. Yet Reis realizes that no amount of culinary knowledge or learned technique can improve the quality of the product being prepared. "I love to buy locally grown produce, not only for the freshness but for the flavor that it adds to all of our salads and entrees," he says.