One Curb, Two Meals

Eli keeps us well fed with organic, Israeli fare.

By Jan Walsh

We dine in on occasion and pick up at the curb often at Eli’s Jerusalem Grill. And over the years, I have enjoyed everything on the menu. I have also been in the kitchen filming cooking videos with Chef Eli Markshtien, where I was impressed by his due diligence to keeping it organic. Everywhere I looked the products were marked with USDA Organic label.

Today I am a little under the weather and need some hot, chicken soup. So, Kev heads to the curb at Eli’s for his Chicken Vegetable Soup. I also order the Vegetarian Vegan Plate, plus the Fried Cauliflower for us both. Kev selects the Beef Kabob Plate and Eli’s desserts, Baklava and Knafeh. And while we are at it, we order two of his Extra Proteins: Chicken Kabobs, to make chicken pita sandwiches for lunch at home tomorrow with his house made daily pita bread.

One taste of the chicken soup, with fresh veggies: carrots, zucchini, celery, parsley and onions, and I am on the mend. The kabob’s marinated grass-fed beef medallions are tender and juicy with beef flavor shining through. The steak is served over plump and golden basmati rice and with a lovely Israeli salad. My plate boasts six fabulous falafels atop a mix of couscous and basmati rice, alongside two amazing dips: baba ghanoush, hummus, plus tasty salads of tabouli and red cabbage. This colorful dish is full of texture, and as healthy as it is delicious. Both entrees are highly recommended! And the desserts are light and lovely, sweetened with house made blossom citrus syrup and topped with pistachios.

The following day I warm the two chicken kabobs and pita in the oven along with mozzarella cheese, and just like that… lunch is done! Had enough Eli’s? Never!

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