Common Ground

Sunday brunch at Galley and Garden pleases carnivores and vegans.

By Jan Walsh

The patio at Galley and Garden is common ground for both meat loving foodies and those who prefer plants. There is also live music for all to enjoy and a garden view.

We are greeted on the patio by Maître D', Stan Reynolds. We briefly discuss how his garden grows, which is always lovely with new blooms and buzzing bees.

On Sundays, brunch is offered as a table d'hôte menu of two and three courses: Starter, Entrée, and Dessert. Kev and I both start with Bloody Marys as we select three courses. He starts with Baked French Toast Cup. And I select Roasted Asparagus. Kev’s cup delights his sweet tooth! Thick bites of crusty toast, sprinkled with powdered sugar, float on a bed of Sugarman Maple Syrup in this dish of gooey goodness. My asparagus are crowned with a gorgeous golden, lemon parmesan panko crumble. This topping exemplifies the magic in the details that Chef, Vicky Rutledge consistently executes. Her crumble makes the grassy green asparagus complete with hints of citrus and cheese, and its crunchy texture. It is a delightful dish not just a vegetable and highly recommended.

For entrees, Kev orders the Scotch Eggs. And I decide, that after enjoying the asparagus so much, to continue my ode to veganism and order the Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf. After all, no one loves fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds, bread, rice, and pasta more than me. And November is World Vegan Month, an annual designation, when plant-based eaters from across the globe come together to embrace the plant-based lifestyle. Kev’s boiled eggs are enveloped in sausage, coated in breadcrumbs, fried, and finished with a Dijon beurre blanc. He has not had a fried boiled egg since the former Fire restaurant in Mountain Brook made them decades ago. Having the layer of sausage in every bite adds another dimension. And the sauce tops this tasty entrée with a touch of creaminess and moisture. Highly recommended! My vegan loaf is a synthesis of finely diced seasonal veggies, Granny Smith Apples, walnuts, lentils, and flax seeds formed into a loaf beneath a balsamic glaze. Think meat loaf without meat. Instead, are deep, rich, complex flavors of the earth’s bounty.

For dessert, Kev has the Bourbon Pecan Bread Pudding. And I select the House-Made Fudge Flight. The bread pudding is topped with ice cream that melts into and melds with the palate pleasing pudding of doughy deliciousness.

Details are at play again in my fudge. I recognize the bee atop each as Galley and Garden’s logo bee. How on earth could she achieve this? Fudges of Raspberry, Chocolate, and Pistachio each with their own identity make today’s line up. Kev and I have fun breaking off pieces, trying to find a favorite. But they disappear before we can.


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