The Turf

Chef Randall Baldwin cooks a mean steak at Dyron’s Lowcountry.

By Jan Walsh

Dyron's ribeye

Tonight, we celebrate Jordan’s birthday with a family dinner at his choice of restaurant—Dyron’s Lowcountry. And we have a feast of fish and seafood: crab salad, trigger fish with shrimp, red snapper with crawfish, and fried flounder. But when Kev saw Randall’s ribeye on the menu. He could not order anything else. We had this dish for New Year’s Eve one time, and it was one of those memorable meals that you always hope to relive. And tonight, he did.

The 14-ounce Prime Ribeye is cooked in an iron skillet. It arrives sizzling on the plate. And first cut proves it is cooked to order, medium, as Kev likes it. The steak is draped across a mound of scrumptious mashed potatoes, alongside fresh, blistered squash, zucchini and roasted garlic, and crowned with a charred tomato vinaigrette and fried onion rings. We all share bites with Kev, so he must share some steak with us—beefing up our fish plates with turf. The steak is tender and melts in the mouth with layers of deep, rich flavors, just as wonderful as we remembered.

If you want to try cooking a ribeye at home, watch our Chefs’ Secrets cooking video starring Chef, and get the recipe.

bistro v chef jeremy downey crawfish



The Heat

Pair Bistro V’s Crawfish with their Bloody Mary.

By Jan Walsh

Bistro V has been a favorite restaurant of mine since it opened. Chef Jeremy Downey is a native of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. And he knows how to cook some seafood!


Bistro V bloody marys Today we happen in for lunch, and he is in the kitchen doing just that. He sees us and comes out for hugs. And he immediately says he has some crawfish he wants us to try. We order two Bloody Marys—spicy for me, and mild for Kev. And Chef comes back with a bowlful of these beautiful, warm crustaceans. Then he proceeds to peel each of them for us, table side. One for me. One for Kev… And so forth until the bowl is empty. They are among the largest I have ever had, and they are the tastiest. No need for potatoes, corn or other accompaniments. The tender, meaty bites are deeply flavored with just enough heat to complement their natural flavor. Crawfish season has never tasted better.

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