Better than Ever

Dinner at Galley and Garden is incredible, from start to finish.

By Jan Walsh

This afternoon, we dine at Galley and Garden for dinner. They reopened a few nights ago with dinner service starting at 4:30. They have also started wine events again on the patio. The next event is a Summer Rosé Celebration on June 11 at 5:30.

We love eating dinner early, so we made reservations on the patio for 4:30 p.m., although they are also open inside as well. Stan greets and seats us. It is so wonderful to catch up with him about his paintings and gardening—including the blackberries he is growing outback.

It is a glorious afternoon, with restaurants reopening, and hopes for nothing but blue skies from now on. We start with Lemoncello and Aperol Spritz. A perfect choice… Oh, how a spritzer brings back memories of wine spritzer lunches with Kev before we married. And with our anniversary a week away, we make an early toast.

We share a starter of tasty Fried Green Tomatoes. Beeler’s bacon, pimento cheese, and sweet pepper jelly top the thick, golden slices.

If you want Kev to order a salad you had better put a fried egg on it. And Chef Boyce did. Kev is actually excited to see the Spinach, Bacon, and Fried Egg Salad on the menu. Cutting through the orange farm egg yolk, it runs into the spinach and bacon below. And he smiles, describing it as the “breakfast in a salad.”

I am elated to see Heirloom Tomato Salad in season. No wimpy cherry tomatoes here… Large, chunky wedges of a variety of heirlooms are the star of this show, not just a player. Their beauty is enhanced, not overpowered by, the dressing and other supporting cast of arugula, baby cucumber, a fab feta vinaigrette, and a crown of crisp prosciutto. And the tart pickled okra plays a nice role, as well. The heirloom tomatoes are bursting with fresh flavor, juiciness, and are perfectly textured—just like my grandfathers grew. I ooh and aah over every bite of this memorable dish, which just raised the bar on tomato salads.

For entrees, Kev has the Certified Angus Cheeseburger and I order the Seared Maine Scallops. Between the bun, Kev’s cooked to order burger patty is topped with Iberico pancetta and a lovely sharp cheddar mornay. And it rests atop lettuce and tomato. All the layers meld together, and hold together, bite after bite of this meaty meal. The burger is accompanied by piping hot parmesan fries, which I cannot stop stealing. Wondering what is making them so good, I now notice on the menu they are“parmesan fries.” Unexpectedly, this invisible dusting of cheese is a delightful finishing touch.

I often order the scallops at Galley and Garden because they are always perfection. And tonight is no exception... my plump, delicate scallops are seared golden, top and bottom, translucent on the inside, and melt in the mouth. Tonight, these jewels of the sea come with a gorgeous grilled corn succotash and lemon crème fraiche. And among the medley of fresh veggies, tiny, tender bites of yellow corn shine. So delicious that I do not leave one kernel on the plate.

For dessert, Kev enjoys three dreamy, house-made ice creams— including boysenberry with Stan’s blackberries. And the dessert menu had me at “Warm Chocolate and Caramel Cake.” But after hearing tonight’s special dessert and recommendation of our server, I select the limited availability, Toffee Bread Pudding. My bread pudding arrives topped with candied pecans, toffee shavings, and is accompanied by Kalua crème anglaise. I drizzle the anglaise over the pecans, adding creaminess and moisture to the toasty pecans and dig deep, through the crunchy topping to the bottom of the bowl. Here I discover a pudding-like textured bread pudding, rather than the common dried out bread texture that I associate with bread puddings. Luscious layers of warm, comforting flavors and textures synthesize on my palate.

Our dinner was exceptional from start to finish. And I have never had a better meal and highly recommend all three of my choices: tomato salad, scallops, and bread pudding.



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