Sandwich Season
I love Birmingham Breadworks in the springtime. 
By Jan Walsh 

Birmingham Breadworks has the best sandwiches! Each is made to order with their freshly baked breads made of flour, water, and salt. And the lunch menu has nine tried and true sandwiches plus a seasonal sandwich. 
Today I am here for the spring specials. And Kev is here for his “best ham sandwich.”  We pair with new spring special drinks. He selects an antioxidant boosting, cold, colorful, sweet tart Dragon Fruit Lemonade. And I have a hot cup of the White Chocolate and Raspberry Latte: frothy, foamy, and deeply layered notes of white chocolate and raspberry. Don’t miss this one! It is my favorite all time latte!

 With Kev’s BHAM he orders Pasta Salad, which is back on the menu. And I select the Spring Sandwich, Spring Salad, and Cream of Tomato Soup. And we are served by the owner, Mike McElwain. Kev’s ham is thickly sliced and piled high on toasted, buttery bread with melted Gruyere and beer mustard. And the pasta salad rounds out the plate with beautiful balsamic acidity. Every time he has it, he says it is the best ham sandwich he has ever had. And today is no exception. 
My soup is served piping hot. This thick, creamy bowl bursting with tomato flavor with hints of smoked paprika. The large spring salad is a delightful mix of spring greens, fresh strawberries, baby cucumber, pungent feta, and crunchy, candied pecans dressed in Birmingham Breadworks Balsamic. Mike knows flavor, how to integrate and layer it. Thus, the balsamic and ranch dressing are exceptional. He needs to bottle this stuff. Whoa! Bring your appetite. The Spring Sandwich is two, deep pocket tortilla wraps packed and plump with warm, rotisserie chicken, crisp bacon, spring greens, creamy avocado, enhanced by Birmingham Breadworks Ranch Dressing. I can only handle one and take home the other half with an order of organic egg salad for tomorrow’s lunch. 
For dessert we share a generous piece of Hummingbird Cake. A velvety cream cheese frosting envelopes three fluffy layers boasting banana, pineapple, and spice. The cake is named for Jamaica’s national bird, where the cake originated, to market the island’s fruits. It has also been popular in the Southern United States since the 1970s. If you love carrot cake, this is better. 

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