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Lunch at Sol Y Luna is a fulfilling feast.

By Jan Walsh

Today we lunch at Sol Y Luna, seated at our favorite corner window table. The restaurant’s light-filled, happy ambience makes margaritas a must. Although I aim to try new drinks and dishes each time we come here, the Sol Y Luna Margarita is a memorable cocktail that deserves repeating as are the Guacamole and Queso Flameado.

Served in a substantial martini glass, this drink is a mix of Hornitos Reposado, Sol Y Luna mix, and orange liqueur. It is garnished with serrano pepper and a salty rim. The menu describes it as bold and spicy. Yet I find this peachy colored cocktail not too hot, but luscious and thirst quenching. So I decided to take our server, Cole’s dare to eat the pepper. He said he ate a whole one. One taste and… Zowie!
The cool, refreshing guacamole tames the palate. This addictive dish is topped with pico de gallo and served with a generous variety of crisp plantain, vinegar potato, and sweet potato chips. If you like queso, you will love the queso flameado! Served hot in its own black iron crock it is thick, creamy, and enhanced by nibbles of chorizo.

For my entrée, I order something that I have never had before, the Red Snapper al Mojo de Ajo. But when Cole asks if I know how large it is, Kev decides to join me in sharing the dish. A long bowl arrives piping hot, with the garlic sauce still steaming. Kev and I begin fork fishing, and with each dive brings chunks of sauteed red snapper and succulent jumbo shrimp to the surface smothered in the divine sauce, along with bites of pepper and onion. The dish is topped with an orange slice and avocado. And it is served with a tasty bed of sweet mashed potatoes and toast for dipping. Mojo de ajo translates to “garlic gravy.” And this superb sauce shines with its reduction of chile de árbol, garlic, yellow onion, chardonnay. Owner,

Jorge Castro stops by our table, and we enjoy catching up with him… as we dip the last bites of the bread in the gravy. Highly recommended!

For dessert we also try something new, Crepas de cajeta with plátanos. Two plump and decadent banana crepes are drizzled with cajeta dulce de leche, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and crowned with caramelized pecans.

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