Happy Hanukkah Week

Savor Eli’s Jerusalem Grill potato latkes while they last!

By Jan Walsh

Eating fried food on Hanukkah is a tradition. It is a commemoration of the oil that burned for eight days, as the Maccabees purified and rededicated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Eli’s Jerusalem Grill is frying organic potato latkes daily until December 18.

Call 205-637-3658, and place your order for curb pick up, or dine in. The latkes special comes with two pieces for $3.50 and includes a choice of apple sauce or sour cream. Or order a tray of 20 pieces for $30 without the apple sauce or sour cream.

Kev and I order curb pick up of the latkes as sides for our lunch. They carry out very well, arriving piping hot to the table. Each golden latke is crisp on the outside, and filled with shredded, moist, flavorful, white potatoes on the inside. We keep organic sour cream at home. So, we order apple sauce as our sides. Both the warm apple sauce and the cold sour cream enhance this deliciousness. By dinner we are craving latkes again and wish we had ordered extra. So the next day we are back at the curb for more!

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