blueprint on 3rd calamari Recipe for Success

First Anniversary Dinner boasts the best of Blueprint of 3rd.

By Jan Walsh

Tonight’s first anniversary dinner begins with a prayer. And ends in a toast. And in between we discover new, highly recommended dishes at Blueprint on 3rd.

blueprint on 3rd oystersThis restaurant’s success could be a blueprint for other new restaurants to follow—yet not an easy one to replicate. From the careful sourcing of every ingredient to the hiring and training each staff member, the model begins and ends by drawing deliciousness into and executing excellence on every detail. Much credit goes to owner and operator, Dean Robb, and to his wife and co-owner, Jenny Walls Robb, who graciously greets guests making all feel welcome. The core team also includes Robb’s son, Brandon, who serves as assistant manager, executive chef, James Huckaby, and Sean Wattson, as restaurant manager and sommelier.

blueprint on 3rd pork tenderloin We start with Champagne, oysters, cast iron pimento cheese, tomato salad, and calamari. The melt in my mouth oysters are baked in creamed spinach with apple smoked bacon, parmesan. Blueprint’s tomato salad is as good as it gets. A line up of local tomatoes is topped with field pea salsa, fried Vidalia, and a creamy green goddess. The calamari is a platter full of golden and crisp goodness, served with two sauces: a tasty ginger ketchup and a vibrant cilantro-serrano chimi.

For entrees, Kev selects the pork tenderloin, and I opt for the red fish. His pork is smothered in—not your daddy’s onions—but a beautiful burnt onion peach compote. The tender, juicy pork is nestled on a bed of wilted spinach in a generous bed of yellow creamed corn, bursting with fresh, sweet, and local flavors. Kev raves and highly recommends! My fish is a beauty—delicate, mild, and sweet. The fish floats on a bed of haricot verts and roasted red potatoes. And it is topped with a marvelous medley of summer veggies: fresh cut, yellow corn kernels, cucumber, field peas, and tomato. This dish has it all!

blueprint on 3rd red fishFor dessert we finish with scrumptious strawberry shortcake and house made ice creams paired with a luscious dessert Sauternes wine.

If the first year is truly the hardest with a new business, then I can’t wait to taste the second year of Blueprint.

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Seasons 52 summer cocktails Summer Sensations


Favorite Finds from Seasons 52’s Summer Menu


By Jan Walsh


Seasons 52 Fresh Grill, Birmingham’s executive chef, Lisa McCollum hosted us for a sneak peek tasting of the Summer 2019 menu. We tasted 10 new dishes and four new cocktails.


Kev picked his two favorite cocktails. And I chose mine. He loved the

rummy Cocojito complete with edible straw and the Peach Riesling Mule of Riesling wine, peach and orange blossom vodka. And I sipped Rosé Sangria of rose Royal Post Rose, honey lavender, white cranberry, and lemon, with fresh a lavender garnish, and the Raspberry Hibiscus G&T with edible flower atop. And all the spirits are light, refreshing, and fun—eating a straw and a flower!


seasons 53 corn flatbreadWe have never dined at Seasons 52 without a flatbread starter. Today, chef Lisa serves a corn flatbread. If you love cornbread, you will enjoy this one. Kernels of roasted yellow corn melds into creamy aged cheddar. The corn is topped with a new spiced bacon, which is also found in other summer dishes, and is drizzled with a sour cream, lime spritz.


The Spinach and Artichoke Dip proves to be the best I have ever had. Oh my… golden, roasted artichokes blanket the top of the cast iron casserole dish. And as we dig into the spinach and roasted tomatoes below, with our lavosh crackers, I begin to horde this dip, moving it closer and closer to my plate. Synthesizing with the veggies in this extraordinary app is a complex, cave-aged, Gruyére—assertive enough to stand up to the grassiness of the greens, balancing the dish beautifully.


seasons 52 spinach artichoke dipseasons 52 chicken raviolisAnother scrumptious starter is the Grilled Chicken Ravioli. Seasons 52’s seasonal raviolis, cut in house, are always amazing. But this one might be my favorite ever. The pasta pockets are filled with grilled chicken smothered in a fresh, olive-oil whipped, sweet ricotta. The same soft cheese is found underneath each of the four raviolis, holding them securely in place, as the dish is being served and eaten. And the raviolis are dressed with a tasty, in season tomato vinaigrette, adding a lovely layer of acidity. Highly recommended!


Our favorite salad is also an Italian find, Spiced Bacon and Burrata Panzanella. The cheeses found in Seasons 52’s recipes are always exceptional. The care they give to sourcing them is evident in every bite. In the Panzanella, a divine Burrata cheese crowns this beautiful bowl of blistered tomatoes, spiced bacon, and crunchy ciabatta croutons, all tossed in vinaigrette.


seasons 52 chicken in a potPot-Roasted Basil-Ricotta Chicken is our favored entrée. This comforting crock takes me back to my Uncle John filling the house with aromas of roasted chicken and wild rice, which afterwards was one of the first dishes I learned to cook. Seasons 52’s chicken in a pot boasts a tender and moist white meat bird, resting atop an incredible, earthy, and deeply flavored roasted tomato pilaf, brightened with French green beans.


Blueberries are in season. So, the Blueberry Cheesecake Minis are a must! These guilt free, diminutive desserts are tiny towers of creamy cheesecake layered with a luscious blueberry compote, crumbly graham cracker crust, and topped with plump, dewy, indigo berries—bursting with fresh blueberry juice.


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ocean scallops with kudzu pestoFish Fetish

Where to go for our anniversary dinner? Ocean Restaurant.

By Jan Walsh

Kev and I are regulars at the bar at Ocean. We love to pop in for a relaxed dinner and watch chefs George Reis and Rick Trent prepare our meal in the open kitchen.







ocean grilled baby lobster tails appetizer George and I go way back. Ocean was the first restaurant to join Birmingham Restaurants, before it launched in 2007. And prior to this, I had been dining here and reviewing the restaurant for print pubs. Seems like yesterday… And I have followed Rick’s culinary career, dining on his deliciousness, from Ocean to other local restaurants and back to Ocean.

Upon our arrival George greets us at our table, “I saw you on the reservations list, and said, ‘What, a table?’,” George laughs. We enjoy catching up with him, as we order cocktails and our favorite app—baby lobster tails. The tails arrive perfectly curled, steamy hot, with aromas of hickory wood and George’s secret “the love” spice recipe.









ocean whole red snapperRick stops by the table and shares his recent discovery of cooking kudzu leaves. I never knew kudzu was edible and am intrigued. He also says you can make jellies of their blossoms. Who knew? And tonight, he has made a kudzu pecan pesto for the Georges Bank Sea Scallops. No one does scallops better than Ocean, so I am in. Kev orders the Snapper Whole Fish from the Gulf of Mexico, hickory grilled. And we pair our entrees with flutes of Cava. A trio of enormous scallops arrive with bright green kudzu pesto, drizzled over and alongside the dish, which includes a colorful lady pea hopping john. The pesto’s earthy, nutty, and spinach-like flavors accent the scallops without overpowering the mild, sweet flavors of the delicate scallops. And the hopping john rounds out the dish with its light and lovely mix of rice and veggies. Kev’s snapper is a beauty! Never a whiff of a fishy smell in all the years we have ordered fish here. And tonight, is no exception. The whole fish is fresh and pristine. Each bite of the flaky, white snapper speaks to its quality and freshness. And it is served with a creamy, comforting side of sweet potatoes topped with cauliflower and Brussel sprouts that add a lovely layer of texture to this plate.

ocean strawberry shortcake For dessert George surprises and treats us to a trio of temptations and Cava, which makes our anniversary here even sweeter. I fall for the tangy lemon custard lava cake, decorated with an artful design of flowers, using the plate as a canvas. Kev loves the sweet baklava purse. And we both devour the gourmet strawberry short cake. Once again, the desserts at Ocean are exceptional in their uniqueness, presentation, and most especially, their deliciousness.





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