Lunch & Dinner Delivery

Ordered Billy’s Sports Grill online and delivery to my door.

By Jan Walsh

This week Billy’s Sports Grill added online ordering option. You can pay online and get curbside pickup, of food and alcohol. Or if you live in Liberty Park, you can get your lunch or dinner delivered to your door, with contactless delivery.

I have been in lockdown now for three weeks, cooking too much. So, I ordered lunch delivery online. It was easy and gave many options for sides and extras, as well as substitutions.

Kev and I wanted some comforting chicken dishes and ordered a Chicken Caesar Wrap with house made chips and Cobb Salad with chicken. Our dinner arrived at the door right on time, to the minute. Both dishes traveled well.

Kev’s wrap was warm and wonderful—overstuffed with tender bites of chicken, melded together with melted parmesan cheese and lettuce. The chips were crisp and fresh, accompanied by three dips: honey mustard, ranch and blue cheese.

The Cobb Salad was cold, and the chicken was hot. I ordered with oil and vinegar, among an array of dressing choices.

And I topped it off with the chicken, which was wrapped in foil, and still steamy. This lovely mix of lettuces was surrounded by sliced hardboiled egg, black olives, ripe tomato—much like the original, namesake Cobb Salad. Legend has it that a very hungry Robert "Bob" Cobb, pulled together whatever was leftover late one night from the fridge at his restaurant, the Brown Derby. Hardboiled egg, roasted chicken, and bit of this and that made up this newly invented salad. Thus, the salad made an appropriate dish for this time when, much like Cobb, I am getting creative feeding my hunger. Highly recommended!

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Happy Pie Place

Don’t skip dessert at Ted’s Restaurant.

By Jan Walsh

Lunch at Ted’s always picks me up. Fresh veggies galore, an array of protein options, and cornbread! So, we typically skip dessert.

Just look what we have been missing: pie, pie, and pie! After sharing the dreamy coconut pie, Kev and I order two more pies: chocolate and strawberry. It was my intention to only have a taste of each. But my spoon kept finding its way back to both. So, I happily give in to more pie and start humming “The Pie Song,” from the movie Michael: Pie, pie, me oh my, nothing tastes better, wet, salty, and dry…” But I add a line for Ted’s pies: “sweet, creamy, and… goodbye.”

Highly recommended for happiness.

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