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Farmer Noah brings his bounty to my door weekly. 

By Jan Walsh 

Living an organic life is not easy. But having my own farmer helps. I am a patron of Rora Valley Farms and its Farmship program. 

Rora Valley Farms is located in Coosa County, and is owned and operated by the Sanders Family and was established in 2009. Noah Sanders and his wife, Dorothy oversee the vegetable and bakery operations. And his cousin Luke Sanders and his wife, Kristin oversee the meat and egg production. It is a family endeavor to produce real food. Thus, all their children help as well. 

All Rora Valley Farms’ plants are non-genetically modified and feature heirloom and open-pollinated varieties. Grown in a living soil free from chemical poisons, these vegetables harvest nutrients that we all need for good health. At Rora Valley farms, they wisely focus on feeding the soil, rather than the plants, with applications of compost, mulch, rock minerals, and green manures. “When God designed our bodies, He also designed amazing foods to fuel them. But most industrial foods have strayed from that original design, and we have reaped the consequences,” Noah describes. “Through building healthy, living soil and utilizing natural systems of production and management we strive to harvest food that feeds our bodies, as well as our taste buds.” The farm also offers farm training programs, with hands on learning of gardening, homesteading, market farming, disciple making, and more.

My Farm Share includes organic lettuces, heirloom tomatoes, summer squashes, okra, baby cucumbers, blueberries, onions, eggs, grass fed beef, free range chickens, varieties of fresh herbs, and sprouted grains including bread, granola, chocolate chip cookies are delivered by Noah and his children on Thursdays. Each Tuesday I receive an email listing what will be delivered, preselected for me using my preference chart. But I can also change my preselected list each week, by swapping for another available item, adding more than one bunch, deleting the item, or canceling for the week. The weekly cost is $50 for Farmship Classic Share or $75 for Farmship Deluxe Share, a small price to pay for eating healthy and organic fresh from the farm. As the saying goes, “Pay the farmer or the pharmacist.” In gratitude Noah and family host his Farmship Members with farm dinners at Rora Valley Farms. Farmship Membership is limited. For more information, visit

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