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dyron's lowcountry country sunday brunch Toasting the Timing

Sunday Brunch at Dyron’s Lowcountry now serves mimosas before noon.

By Jan Walsh

Dyron’s Lowcountry has one of the best brunches around. And thanks to a new Mountain Brook ordinance, they now serve alcohol on Sundays before noon. The ordinance passed this summer and allows restaurants and grocery stores to begin service at 10:00 a.m.

Executive Chef, Randall Baldwin’s brunch menu changes weekly featuring seasonal offerings and long-time favorites. Among our all-time favorites are the crab claws, fried seafood, shrimp and grits, fish of the day, and Southern breakfast plate, and fried chicken, which also takes out well. We order chicken plates to go on lazy Sundays in. And the biscuits are always a must.

dyron's blueberry pancakeToday Kev, Ross, and I arrive for our 11:00 reservation, just as they open. As we look over the entree menu, we toast the new time to order bubbly on Sunday. Ross wants the tried and true breakfast plate. I opt for the always incredible fried seafood. And Kev spots a new find, Cast Iron Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake, which, proves to be the Food Find of the week.

The thick pancake arrives piping hot, filling its own, small cast iron skillet—the ultimate definition of “pancake.” Kev slathers it with butter and pours a generous amount of warm vanilla bean syrup over the cake. Firm yet moist, it is filled with blueberries bursting with fruity flavor. And slices of crisp applewood bacon, and scrumptious Conecuh sausage add a hearty amount of protein to the plate. Highly recommended!




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Billy's strawberry milkshake

Our New Chill


Billy’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream melts September’s heat.


By Jan Walsh


“September” sounds like autumn. Makes me want to wear boots and eat root veggies. But not so fast. Our transition to fall does not come gently here in Alabama, with “feels like” temps above 100 degrees! But just in time, Billy’s Sports Grill has a new offering—old-fashioned ice cream.







Billy's sports grill French DipBilly’s Sports Grill is located at our Liberty Park neighborhood, on Overton Road. And today Kev and I pop in for lunch and order every ice cream dish they have: milkshake, float, ice cream cone, and adult mudslide.

Floats are available as cola or root beer. Kev sips a traditional Root Beer Float, with real ice cream on top. He starts with a straw and ends with a spoon, just like when he was a boy. The float is paired with a scrumptious French Dip and fries.






Billy's root beer float

My first sip of the Strawberry Milkshake takes me back to making homemade ice

cream with Daddy and Pappy on the porch, with strawberries from their garden in the spring. Well into fall we carried on this ice cream making tradition, shivering under quilts as we ate. Billy’s Strawberry Milkshake is also memorable—thick, rich, and bursting with berry flavor. I paired it with their daily special veggie plate.


For dessert, we enjoy a tasty ice cream cone with nuts and the mudslide. The cone is packed all the way to the bottom of the cone with vanilla ice cream wrapped in a paper sleeve that insulates it.

Billy's mudslide Chocolate coats the inside of the mudslide’s tall, chilled glass. And whipped cream with a cherry top it. This rummy, chocolaty cocktail is absolutely phenomenal—the best mudslide we both have ever tasted. Highly recommended!

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