Hot and Not

Jalapa Jar now available locally and found in my pantry. 

By Jan Walsh 

I have been waiting for this day for some time. Tasting TBL and Frenchie's Chef Tyler Lyne's Jalapa Jar, his fresh line of salsas are now available at local Whole Foods Market! 

Jalapa Jar is handmade in small batches and jarred in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, where it is crafted in small batches with produce picked at its peak, and immediately jarred. Roasting over an open flame brings its signature charred smokiness to each jar. And real lime juice, not artificial chemicals, is incorporated for preservation. I also appreciate the expiry dates printed in black on top of the white lids, where you can easily find, read, and understand, "Must be used by..." 

I ordered two for starters, Austin Blend Hot and Tomatillo Blend Medium. Some like it hot! And I am among them. The hot version has four times the jalapeños as the original recipe! It is bold yet bright and balanced. I also love tart, and the tomatillo version brings the tang along with deep, spicy heat. The texture of both is not chunky and not runny but perfectly minced, for dipping and dressing. Jalapa Jar also comes in Original Blend Mild, Sweet + Heat Mild, and Brooklyn Blend Medium. Store in fridge after opening. Looking forward to trying the other versions soon! 

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