Private Restaurant 
GianMarco’s private events are back!
By Jan Walsh 

One of the many good times we missed over the past two years are private events at GianMarco’s Restaurant. I had Kevin’s surprise birthday dinner party in the former event space a few years ago. And it could not have been a better night, one of the best of our lives! With their event pro, Courtney Fitzpatrick’s assistance, I selected the menu from among his favorite dishes at GianMarco's, wines we love, and an open bar. She helped me select the size of the floral arrangements from my choice of Piggly Wiggly Floral. And I sat back with no worries, other than he might find out before his birthday. 
Yet in order to operate with some normalcy during the past two years, GianMarco’s closed the private event space, and expanded the dining room into this space. It was a smart move because there were restrictions of six feet between tables, etc. during this time. This allowed the restaurant to welcome as many diners as possible, rather than cutting down on the number they were allowed to serve. 
With the upcoming closing of Ash Homewood, Giani is taking over this space to host private events for up to 80 to100 people. Thus, it will be a private restaurant with a fully equipped kitchen and bar. In addition to exclusive, private events that are already in the works. There are also plans for supper clubs, once a month brunches, pop up chefs, wine dinners, and more. Stay tuned…

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