Lunch and a Movie

Today we pair Sunday lunch at Abhi Eatery and Bar with the movie, Dog.

By Jan Walsh

Just when I have not been to the movies in years, along comes, Dog. Sunday lunch at Abhi at The Summit, however, is a regular thing, as is dinner at Abhi, both here and at Mountain Brook Village location.

Today, rather than our favorite sparkling sakes, we start with a new sake, Tyku Coconut Nigori Sake. Also known as “cloudy sake,” as it is purposefully unfiltered. This heavenly drink is served chilled, as premium sakes should be. It is rich, creamy, velvety in texture. This Tyku sake is infused with coconut, and whispers hints of vanilla on the palate. Oh, my! We have found yet another sake to love at Abhi. Not too sweet, not too much coconut, but a subtle, slow-sipping sake.

Kev begins with the Kathmandu Fried Chicken. I came here longing for spring rolls, after my recent conversation with a friend, in which we shared memories of Joy Young—and lamented over their lost egg rolls. Thus, I am all over the Lumpia.

Kev’s fried chicken lollipops are golden and crunchy on the outside, moist and meaty on the inside. He dips in the house sweet sauce, which glazes the chicken with the juicy bit of sweetness. My fabulous Filipino spring rolls satisfy my Joy Young craving. Thin, crisp fried crepes are filled with nibbles of turkey, carrots, celery, and water chestnuts. I dip in sweet sauce and devour these dainty delights.

For his main dish, Kev orders a previously tried and true, curry of all curries: Balinese Beef Rendang. This tender, caramelized, slow cooked, stew-like beef is served over premium jasmine rice. It draws you in deep and slows you down with its buttery nutty comfort.

I select more rolls, Spicy Shrimp Roll. Interestingly research shows that eating with chopsticks lowers the glycemic index of the food we eat because we eat more slowly and with some dishes eat in smaller bites. Thus, the glycemic index of the food decreases. Who knew? The shrimp roll is a thing of beauty. It is presented with wasabi in the shape of a leaf, gari in a floral design, and soy sauce. I grip each piece of sushi, and dip one side slightly in the wasabi and the other side in soy sauce. The juxtapositions of the two bring forth the flavor of the shrimp and crab in a superb synthesis—topped with a touch of heat from the sriracha. And equally as important as the quality of the fish in the roll, is Abhi’s sushi rice, which is perfect texture, vinegar in flavor, and proper temperature to compliment the sushi. Between bites/pieces of sushi, the gari, is eaten with chopsticks, as a palate cleanser. The ginger has a tender flesh and natural sweetness, which is made sweet sour in the pickling process—resulting in a crisp, refreshing, and piquant taste. In addition to eating with chopsticks, both wasabi and gari have their own health benefits.

For dessert we share Coconut Ice Cream, which also takes me back to a long, lost restaurant—The Luau. Back in the 60s as a small child, I ate coconut ice cream there in real coconut shells, paired with sugary Shirley Temples. Abhi’s coconut ice cream has an icy, homemade texture and is bursting with fresh coconut flavor. It is accompanied by chocolate, rolled wafers, which enhance the cream with a crunchy texture and touch of chocolate. Off to the movie…

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