flip burger smoking cocktails Flip Burger’s drinks are white hot delicious.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

I can’t eat at Flip Burger without ordering a cocktail—or two. And today we are here to do a cocktail review. So who’s counting?

Delighted to find their new general manager is Shawn West, who I have not seen since his days at Grey House Grille. We catch up as he seats us at the corner of the bar. Here we have front row seats for the show that bartender, Chyna creates as she prepares each drink. To her advantage, she has an added “ingredient” that you won’t find at most bars—liquid nitrogen, which adds a touch of theatre to the drinks.

From the Drink Specialty menu, we begin tasting the drinks and choosing favorites. Our cocktail show soon draws attention from the surrounding tables, as the steaming cocktails quickly become contagious—drawing cocktail orders too.  Favorites include Jazzy Bella and Southern Gent. Jazzy Bella is served in a low ball on the rocks. This steamy, delicious drink is dark purple in color with deep layers of blueberry flavors. It is a mix of Absolut Ruby Red, Agave Nectar, fresh lemon, cilantro and blueberries. It will be perfect for sipping on Flip Burger’s patio in spring time—the best patio view at The Summit.  Southern Gent is golden in color and served in a smoky, long, tall glass on the rocks garnished with fresh mint. This glass of Southern comfort includes Alabama’s own whiskey, Clyde May’s mixed with peach syrup and sweet tea. Whiskey drinkers will flip over the depth of this rich sipper.  But we can’t leave without a milkshake, which are also a must for us at Flip Burger. Alcohol can be added to any milkshake from their LN2 milkshake list. So a dose of Bombay Sapphire Vodka is added to the Nutella Milkshake, creating chocolate marshmallow heaven. In this drink the liquid nitrogen toasts the baby marshmallows on top as effectively and much quicker than a campfire. We eat the burnt marshmallows and sip the chocolate shake through straws. This luscious, icy shake makes the perfect dessert cocktail.

Published, B-Metro magazine, March 2015  

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