GianMarco’s fresh pasta and tomato basil sauce is simply delicious.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Everybody loves fresh, homemade pasta. GianMarco’s Giani Respinto demos fresh fettuccine, plus a simple sauce. Try this at home.

Pasta Ingredients:
3 ½ Cups Italian Cake Flour (may substitute other types of flours)    
6 Eggs Salt to taste Pepper to taste
Dash of extra virgin olive oil

Pasta Procedure:

Pour flour onto chopping board. Create a well in center of flour, keeping walls high. Beat eggs in the middle of the well, slightly incorporating flour. Add dash of extra virgin olive oil. Add a pinch of salt. Knead pasta ball for at least six minutes, using palms of hands. It should be slightly sticky, not gummy. Create ribbons of pasta. Keep ball of pasta to use as extra. Rest pasta for 30 minutes.

Run through pasta attachment of Kitchen Aide mixer. Decrease thickness size of attachment, run though several times making it thinner each time. Cut pasta into fettuccini or whatever size you desire. Do not allow pieces to stick together. Add salt to same water that tomatoes were boiled in and bring to hard boil. Cook pasta in this water until it floats plus 30 seconds longer. Remove pasta without straining directly into skillet with tomato basil sauce while it is still cooking. Finish pasta in the sauce. The starch from pasta will help thicken the sauce. Only allow the sauce to coat the noodles. Plate and serve steaming hot. Makes one pound of pasta.

Tomato Basil Sauce:
5 – 6 Tomatoes
2 Teaspoons fresh basil
Extra virgin olive oil Pinch chili flake
2 teaspoons slivered garlic
Splash white wine

Sauce Procedure:
Score an X with knife in bottom of each tomato.  Drop tomatoes in boiling water for 45 minutes. Spoon tomato into ice bath. Peel tomatoes. Cut backs off tomatoes. Chop tomatoes. Separate from seeds and juice, and place in a skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Add basil. Cook for one minute. Add chili flake. Add wine. Serves four. Published, B-Metro magazine, September 2011