Pizza Perfection

Pizzeria GM serves old school comfort food with a cutting edge.

By Jan Walsh

Kev and I made fast friends recently, which is not like us. We met Michelle and David Beasley on their hunt for authentic, period antiques for their antebellum home in Georgia. As fate would have it, we not only share the same taste in and passion for antiques. We all love the South, history, old homes, dogs… and we even agree on politics. Amazing!

This week they made a detour, while going home from an antique auction in Mississippi, to meet us for lunch. And Pizzeria GM was the perfect place. David parked the big moving truck in the parking lot across the street. Pizzeria GM staff welcomed out of towners, along with their Boxer, Dixie to the covered patio. And here we excitedly caught up over Giani’s incredible apps and pizza.


Initially these two are going to just split a pizza, which was the first time we ever disagree. Yet I quickly overrule this decision, ordering small plates for the table: Wagu Beef Pigs in a Blanket, a bucket of fries, and two orders of Bocconcini… to start! The breaded and fried bocconcini arrives piping hot, bursting with a side of Giani’s tantalizing tomato sauce for dipping. This sauce might sound simple, but I have been in the kitchen with him, at GianMarco’s, as he made it. And the first taste will tell the tale of the heart and soul that went into making it. Once our cheese balls cool a little, we dip into the sauce and pop these babies in the mouth whole. They burst and ooze with warm, melted mozzarella. Sensational as always! Everyone also loves the plump pigs in a blanket, including Dixie, as David cuts tiny bites of the thick and tender Wagu beef and slips it to her under the table. The Dijon mustard adds the tang that all “weenies” need. And the always amazing hand cut fries add a veggie to the mix.

After our tried-and-true smalls, we enjoy dishes we have never ordered before: entrees of Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Pizza and Manicotti. David loves artichokes, so the salmon pizza had him with the spinach artichoke cream fontina. And it proves to be the perfect choice because this pizza has it all. It is layered with lovely and generous portions of salmon, purple onions, and asparagus on a cheesy bed of fontina, boasting even more greens in its synthesis of spinach and artichokes. The marvelous manicotti is filled with ricotta and parmesan, and it is baked in house made marinara and mozzarella. This hot crock of cheese heaven is served with their irresistible warm garlic toasts. And cutting the manicotti into bites makes it sharable on the bites of toast.

Thanks to Pizzeria GM, our new, best friends are well nourished to travel onward. Thus, we share hugs and waves rather than dessert, as we look forward to next time…


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