GianMarco's cheese ravioli is both large and light.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Ordering lunch or dinner at GianMarco is always a dilemma. But no matter what I order, it is consistently delicious and always arrives hot with steam rising from the plate. And this always reminds me of co-owner, Giani Respinto's line, "People wait for pasta. Pasta does not wait for people."

Today I wait, but not for long, for the Cheese Ravioli. Aromas of the dish’s tomato sauce—rising from the steaming plate—arrive just before the dish itself. Five large ravioli filled with cheese encircle the plate.

My server asks if I would like fresh grated cheese on top and hand grates fresh Parmesan over the dish. There is just enough of the chunky, tasty tomato sauce to add flavor and moisture to the delicate pasta envelopes. The sauce also complements, without overpowering, each creamy cheesy bite inside the raviolis. And this delicate balance of flavors is enjoyed to the last cheesy bite.

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