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Village Tavern's corporate executive chef, Mary Grace Viado shares her braised short ribs.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Braised Short Ribs are a recent addition to the dinner menu at Village Tavern. The dish took eight months of development as corporate executive chef, Mary Grace Viado traveled far and wide-from Scottsdale to New York-researching and tasting the best of short ribs to develop the recipe and techniques. Her ribs, which take three days to prepare, are a divine synthesis of these recipes, offering layers of complex flavors in every tender bite.

1. In a pre-heated rondo with oil (over high heat), add one diced yellow onion, celery, and carrot, one smashed garlic, and sauté until beginning to soften but not brown, about seven minutes stirring constantly.

2. Add one quart of red Burgundy wine, two bay leaves, one teaspoon all spice, one teaspoon black peppercorns, one tablespoon of kosher salt and one smashed clove. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, drawing the flavors and aromatics and vegetables into the wine. Cool down to 40 degrees or lower.

3. In a deep baking pan, season 2 bone in short ribs with salt and black pepper. Pour over the cooled marinade, turning to cover each side. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours, turning the ribs once or twice so they marinate evenly.

Searing and Cooking:
1. Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees. Place dried porcini mushrooms in a bowl and pour over two cups of hot water. Set aside and soak for 30 minutes.

2. Remove the short ribs from marinade and pat them dry with paper towels or a clean cloth. Strain marinade into a bowl. Reserve wine and discard the vegetables. Once ribs are completely dry, season them all over with salt and pepper.

3. In a pre-heated large rondo with one ounce of blended oil, sear ribs, turning once or twice until deeply browned on all sides, four to five minutes per side. Set aside on a sheet tray.

4. Strain softened mushrooms in a chinois, reserve the soaking liquid, and squeeze gently to wring out excess moisture. Coarsely chop the mushrooms and set aside.

5. Pour off and discard any remaining fat from the rondo. Wipe out charred bits with a clean towel. Add the remaining blended oil and heat over medium heat. Add the one diced yellow onion and sauté for 8 to 10 minutes, until softened. Add one tablespoon minced garlic, one can diced plum tomatoes with their juice, and the chopped mushrooms. Sauté for three minutes.

6. Add the reserved mushroom soaking liquid and wine and bring to a boil. Let the liquid boil and reduce for five minutes.

7. In a deep pan, arrange short ribs side by side. Tuck rosemary sprigs in the ribs. Pour the braising liquid into hotel pan. Cover with plastic wrap and foil. Place in oven at 300 degrees. Braise gently, until meat is fork tender and falling away from the bones, approximately three hours.

8. Vent and place cooked ribs in the refrigerator and let it sit overnight.

9. The following day, skim/remove the congealed fat on top. Discard.

10. Remove ribs to a baking pan. Cover with foil and place in 300 F oven for 45 minutes to one hour until internal temperature reaches 150 degrees.

11. Strain the sauce using a chinois, making sure the squeeze out the juices from the vegetables.

12. In a saucepot, reduce the sauce by one half or to the consistency of thick vinaigrette.

13. Place on a serving platter. Ladle sauce over the short ribs and serve it with sautéed green beans or grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes.

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