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Shula's Flash Fried Lobster in 10 Simple Steps

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

I have an ongoing, and well publicized, love affair with Shula's Flash Fried Lobster. After covering it in Birmingham magazine's "One Dish" column and in "The Birmingham 100" for 2008, I am back for more.

Start with a South African rock lobster tail, a bowl of buttermilk and egg, and another bowl of tempura flour with added spices of thyme, cayenne pepper, garlic and black pepper.

And prepare the dish in 10 easy steps:

1. Cut the shell lengthwise, down the center to the tail with cutlery scissors.

2. Remove lobster from shell, leaving tail attached.

3. Split the lobster tail lengthwise using a sharp knife.

4. Place the lobster tail in the buttermilk and egg wash, coating the tail on each side.

5. Place the lobster tail in the tempura mix, and coat both sides well.

6. Using tongs place the lobster tail in a fryer's basket, with trans fat-free cooking oil, preheated to 350 degrees.

7. Deep-fry the lobster tail for two and one half minutes.

8. Remove the fry basket from the oil.

9. Remove the lobster tail from the fry basket.

10. Serve with accompaniments of lemon, clarified butter and mustard aioli.

The Flash Fried Lobster Tail is offered as an appetizer on Shula's menu. But many pair it with a salad and enjoy it as an entrée. And those-like me-who can't get enough of this dish order two tails as an entrée. If you love lobster, and you love fried, this dish is for you.

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