Poulet de Bresse Primer

Hunter Chicken Course at Tasting TBL

By Jan Walsh

Hunter Chicken is our incredible entrée course at Tasting TBL tonight. Fit for a king? The story goes that Henry IV, having stopped off at Bresse following an accident with his carriage, tasted a poulet de bresse and commanded it be added to his menu.

The meat is high in protein, low in fat, snow white, dense, and the most flavorful of chickens. The bird is presented with its jus and celery root puree with white chocolate. Crudite to the side includes Belle Meadow Farm’s tempest squash, baby eggplants, and asparagus. Also layered on the plate are colorful edamame hummus, chicken sausage stuffed wild morel, golden fried nugget of wild pheasant frisse, and juicy, lacto fermented wild currants from Washington. This amazing array of veggies, fruit, and both animal and plant-based proteins synthesize into a forever food memory.

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