Frenchies Bread

I got my first bite of Frenchies at Tasting TBL.

By Jan Walsh

Frenchies will be a multidimensional, Frnech restaurant. In addition to the restaurant and bar, the space will include a late-night bar and al fresco event space, pâtisserie and café for breakfast and lunch, full-service catering options, and e-commerce meal delivery for businesses and families.

Faux Peach is a dramatic presentation and a divine concoction of foie gras, bavarois, and peach nectar. This marvelous, Bavarian style peach mousse is glazed in peach, and floats on house roasted peach nectar. Accompanying this pretend peach is the Lynes’ signature “Frenchie” bread. The viennoiserie bread is the namesake of their restaurant, Frenchie, coming to Southside soon, in the former location of Historic Rucker Place. Difficult to imagine that a bread could stand up to such a dish. Yet Frenchie bread is fabulously ethereal. The center is soft, light, buttery, and melts in my mouth. And the dark crust scrapes the roof of my palate, perfectly. It is appropriately bien cuit, crusty and caramelized. Chef Tyler humbly describes this dish as the equivalent of toast, butter, and jam.

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