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blueprint on 3rd strawberry shortcake Blueprint on 3rd celebrates first anniversary. 


By Jan Walsh 


Tonight, we are honored to be Dean Robb’s guests at Blueprint on 3d, seated at the head table. 


Time flies. So typically, I say, “seems like yesterday...” Yet it seems longer than one year ago, when we got our first taste of Blueprint—at their preopening family and friends’ dinner. Never seen a preopening dinner go as splendidly. From food to service this restaurant ran like a well-oiled machine from the start. 


Blueprint on 3rd anniversary dinner Since then we have enjoyed many dinners here—in the dining room, at the bar, and in their private dining room for their first wine dinner, which benefited TumTum Tree Foundation. And each seasonal dinner has been exceptional… BLT tortellini, poached shrimp salad, tomato salad, diver scallops, chicken and pasta are among my favorite food memories. 


Blueprint on 3rdopened at a time when the city was (and still is) overwhelmed with new restaurants, yet it shines brightly among them. Most new restaurants are able to fill seats when they open, but it takes tried and true experience to bring them back for more. 

blueprint on 3rd dean robbPeople often ask me where to dine, what is new, and share their own experiences with me—both good and bad. And I have only heard good things from folks who have dined here, not a negative word in the first year, amazing. 

Perhaps its success can be attributed to their team’s seasoned history and experience. Robb serves as owner and operator. His wife and co-owner, Jenny Walls Robb graciously greets guests on an individual basis. Blueprint on 3rd is an extension of her and Robb's home, and she makes all feel welcome and at home in the restaurant, just as she would in her own home. Robb’s son, Brandon brightens the place with his friendly service as assistant manager. Executive chef, James Huckaby keeps the kitchen fires burning. And Sean Wattson is the restaurant manager, running the front of the house, and serves as sommelier. 



Blueprint on 3rd 1st anniversary dinner

 Also during their first year, Blueprint added a patio in back of the restaurant, which boast umbrellas for shade and fire pits for warmth. So far, this is the only spot where we have not dined… But summer nights are calling. 

Weekly Food Finds Review of anniversary dinner dishes coming next week. 


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