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Holiday Market 2023

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From gift certificates to local restaurants to local products and services, shop Birmingham Restaurants Holiday Market. The market helps local food and beverage vendors to share their products and services. And it helps foodies find the perfect gift online. Birmingham Restaurants Holiday Market will be open online annually from Black Friday until December 31, for those who procrastinate. 


Birmingham Restaurants Holiday Market 2023

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Nuts for Butternuts 
Autumn brings a bounty of butternut squash to Bottega Café. 
By Jan Walsh 

I love everything about butternut. It is the color of fall boasting sweet, butterscotch, nutty flavors.  Plus, butternut squash is touted by health experts as a cold weather superfood, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber… Even the name sounds good, butter + nut! 

Chef Saab, Two Ways

If he is not in the kitchen, he might be the guy in a suit, sitting at the bar. 
By Jan Walsh

Chef Tom Saab’s restaurant philosophy is that the focus should be on the food—not the chef. And when Saab and wife, Christina opened Bistro 218 in 2012, this perfectionist put the lid on some amazing dishes from the start, many of which remain on the menu tonight... There are crab cakes, pommes frites, house cured pork belly, BLT salad, duck confit, shrimp risotto, prime New York strip, and “Hellefied” file gumbo… Wait, I recall file gumbo. What is hellefied? 

Autumn Perspective 

Chef Evans hones heartwarming, fall dishes at Café Dupont. 

By Jan Walsh 

Executive Chef, Chris Evans’ tenure at Café Dupont started at Springville in 1997. There he was the sous chef at the restaurant’s original location until 2000, returning later when Café Dupont moved to Birmingham in 2003. Fast forward to 2022, he and wife, Angela, who had also had her own stint here as pastry chef, became the owners of the restaurant. 

Paired Dinner 
Abhi’s cocktails and sakes enhance with his Asian fusion fare. 
By Jan Walsh 

Food and beverage pairings can be complex. So many flavors and so many rules! Considering similar weights, flavors, and intensity is not that easy. Then add acidity, tannins, plus sauces. Simplify by pairing beverages from the same region as the food. Sancerre with French food, Cianti with Italian, etc. Or better yet leaving the pairings to the pros. Here at Abhi Eatery and Bar, we are in good hands with Bartender Mona’s handcrafted cocktail list. We have her pair our dinner with drinks. 

Heart and Soul
Dean Robb is happily in the house at Blueprint on 3rd. 
By Jan Walsh 

I have never been to Blueprint on 3rd when restaurateur, Dean Robb was not here. Tonight, he is behind the bar, serving tables, visiting with guests, and simply enjoying the heck out of himself. Five years ago, Dean and his family opened Blueprint on 3rd. Kev and I were guests for the family and friends’ night and attended opening night. And at the time I wrote that I had never seen an opening as smooth. Blueprint ran like a well-oiled machine from the start. But there is nothing mechanical about this place. It started and succeeded from the heart and soul of Dean. His big, generous smile makes all feel welcome. His blue eyes see every table, at once. His generous hands are often full as he helps staff serve guests. And his personality plus is the cherry on top! 

Monday Merriment 
Case of the Mondays? Vino has the cure. 
By Jan Walsh 

I always have a case of the Mondays. Even as a young child, heading back to the classroom, after a weekend of free play with my friends and dogs, made me sad. Nowadays I “work” most weekends (dining out, reviewing restaurants). And this lends itself to working as little as possible on Monday. 

Oodles of Joy

Chef Frank Stitt’s secret ingredient is unmeasured joy.

By Jan Walsh

Years ago, a local chef asked me privately, “Frank’s restaurants are always filled… How does he do it?” I paused and replied, “Joy.” He looked puzzled and changed the subject. But it is still true today. I have seen the joy in his kitchen for cooking demos and as he stops by for table visits… Whenever Chef Stitt talks about food, his eyes light up and a smile comes across his face. From his delight in a simple, spring asparagus to the pleasure of making fresh pasta, he is immersed in food and finds joy in his life’s work. 

Captivating Cuisine 
Bay Leaf’s intriguing Indian fare and cocktails spice up our lives. 
By Jan Walsh 

Today Kev and I lunch at Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine and Bar. In the heart of 5 Points South, Bay Leaf is located at 1024 20th Street South, Suite 101. Its colorful big neon sign proudly welcomes us inside where we are warmly greeted and seated in a large and lovely window banquet, by General Manager, Pintu Sarmah.