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Birmingham Restaurants App
Coming soon to Apple App Store and Google Play!

By Jan Walsh 
To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we are developing and launching Birmingham Restaurants App! Soon you will be able to download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Comforting Classics 
Saturday Brunch at Ted’s Restaurant is a fulfilling, family feast. 
By Jan Walsh

Entering Ted’s is like going back home. Blue and white dishes are displayed above the sideboard adorned with Touloupis’ family photos. Owners, Tasos and Beba Touloupis spot us and warmly greet and seat us... A feeling of deja vu falls over me… Ted’s Restaurant always takes me back to my grandmother’s farmhouse, where she would keep the gas stove on and biscuits warm until I woke. Then I would warm up to the open stove in my pajamas while eating a buttered biscuit with her homemade blackberry preserves. Next Oneonta Mayor, and dear friend, Richard Phillips walks in the door. He is here to meet Kev and me at Ted’s Restaurant for early brunch. 

Everything But Pineapple 
Pizzeria GM is our favorite pizza place. Here’s why…
By Jan Walsh 

At Pizzeria GM there is always something new. Thus, our list of tried-and-true favorites is ever growing. The menu boasts a long list of small plates, salumi and cheese, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and desserts. Sometimes we get wound up in the small plates like ribbons of pasta and can’t find our way beyond the Meatballs, Wagyu Beef Pigs in a Blanket, Bucket of Fries, and the Breaded and Fried Fresh Mozzarella Bocconcini to order anything else. Other times we come here for a sandwich. The GM Burger is to die for, as is the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich. Both are served with house made chips. Our favorite pizza is the Chicken Parmesan—our way with edits of light sauce, extra cheese, Sicilian olives, peppers, and onions. In addition to their specialty pizzas, you may build your own with any ingredients offered on the specialty pizzas, where you will not find pineapple. When Pizzeria GM opened the servers’ shirt sleeves had a pineapple with a red prohibition sign over it—don’t ask. And there are famous pasta dishes from the Respinto Family’s GianMarco’s, including Spaghetti and Meatballs, Fiocchi and more. For dessert the Cannoli and Gelatos are well worth saving room for, although we often can’t. But much like GianMarco’s, it can be a mistake to overlook the specials. And from top to bottom of the menu, there are seasonal dishes. 

Fridays at Fonfon
Lingering over lunch at a place we love…
By Jan Walsh 

Chez Fonfon has long been one of my favorite restaurants. I just love the country French cuisine, authentic antiques, and bistro bustle—all of which speak to me saying, “This is where I belong.” And through the years Kev has also grown to love this place as much as I do. “It’s great to here today, at someplace we love,” he says, just after we are seated. And there is much to love… Chez Fonfon’s servers proudly don the traditional French uniform—black vest, black pants, white shirt and apron—posturing the importance of their role. The authentic, French antique, frosted windows and back door, inscribed with “Café” and “Restaurant,” envelop Fonfon in soft, warm, natural light. Creamy and chocolaty French pastries tempt guests as they walk in the door. And the open bar, decorated with seasonal fruits for hand crafting cocktails, welcomes those without reservations. 

Happy Memories 

Another Birthday Dinner at GianMarco’s Restaurant

By Jan Walsh 

GianMarco’s is located at 721 Broadway Street in a Homewood neighborhood. It is a Respinto family—brothers, Giani and Marco and their father Giovanni—owned and operated, authentic, Old World Italian restaurant. We have been dining at GianMarco’s since it opened in 2003. And tonight, we are here celebrating a big birthday of mine. We enter through its separate bar—where the walls are filled with reviews from various publications, including some of my own. 

CEO Recommends

Tonight, we taste favorites of Betsy McAtee, CEO of Dreamland Bar-B-Que.  

By Jan Walsh

Dreamland Bar-B-Que started in 1958 with a dream. John “Big Daddy” Bishop dreamed that God told him to open a restaurant. Today Dreamland Bar-B-Que is known throughout the South for its legendary ribs and sauce. It is served in eight stadium venues throughout the Southeast. And Dreamland Holding Company operates 10 restaurants in the Southeast and ships its BBQ nationwide.

Blueprint’s Trinity 
Steaming plates, chilly wine, and happy people are Blueprint on 3rd’s recipe for success. 
By Jan Walsh 

Tonight, we dine at one of our favorites, Blueprint on 3rd for our last restaurant meal of Winter 2022. We are greeted and enjoy catching up with both Dean and Brandon Robb. 

Ocean’s 20th Anniversary 
Tonight, we celebrate 20 years of food memories at Ocean Restaurant. 
By Beau Gustafson & Jan Walsh

Kev and I have been dining at Ocean Restaurant since it opened in March 2002. I have reviewed dinners here more times than I can count. Yet we can never get enough of one of our favorite restaurants in the world. 

Crispy Comfort 

Dyron’s Sunday Brunch boasts fried and true favorites.

By Jan Walsh

You won’t find a better brunch than Dyron’s Lowcountry. The menu changes frequently, typically each Sunday. But its style never does. There is usually a farm egg omelet, Southern style big breakfast, French toast or pancakes, gumbo, steak or short rib, biscuits, beignets, and their fried dishes: oysters, chicken, crab claws, and fish.

Staying Power

Bottega Café reopens on 15th Anniversary of Birmingham Restaurants.

By Jan Walsh

As Bottega Café reopens for today, March 1, 2022, I am the first person in the door. With hugs from Pardis and The Staple Singers playing overhead, I hum along, “I know a place, ya’ll… I’ll take you there…” Just being back here is a memorable, instantly uplifting experience.