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Bless My Heart

Ted’s Restaurant serves Southern fare with a Greek accent.

By Jan Walsh

Entering Ted’s I see smiling faces holding pitchers of iced tea. I look forward to being called pet names, such as “dear” and “honey.” And if I am a real sweetie I might be “darling” today.

Bistro Valentine 
Everybody loves Bistro V!  
By Jan Walsh 

Bistro V is packed as we enter for our 5:00 p.m. Valentine’s reservation. Not a table open other than ours. Ahh, with 300+ requesting reservations, they opened early. although none of us knew what would be on the menu, we regulars knew it would be special. Locally owned by Executive Chef, Jeremy Downey and Pastry Chef, Emily Tuttle Shell. And their Valentine menus is not price fixe but expanded with many special offerings. 

Our Ocean 
For fresh seafood, all roads lead south… to Southside. 
By Jan Walsh 

Our favorite seafood restaurant, in the world, is located at 20th Street South. Chef George Reis’ Ocean Restaurant has it all. Fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, scallops, and more from the Gulf of Mexico, lobster from Maine, and an array of sushi. But you don’t have to be a seafood lover. Ocean is also a destination restaurant for carnivores, with the finest cuts of beef grilled to order over hickory wood. 

French Fortress
From hot soup to warm dessert, Chez Fonfon wards off winter. 
By Jan Walsh  

Dashing up the sidewalk towards Chez Fonfon, a cold blast whips our umbrella. From the antique globes within, the arched frosted windows illuminate a welcoming glow. And as we arrive at 11:00 a.m. sharp, the doors open to toasty temps and friendly smiles inside, including from its owners Chef Frank and Pardis Stitt.

Clean Eats
Eli’s Jerusalem Grill pleases all with organic fare. 
By Jan Walsh 

Eli Markshtien originally opened Eli’s Jerusalem Grill to make Israeli food, from his grandmother’s recipes. Locally, family owned by he and wife, Laurel, this one-of-a-kind eatery has since become a destination restaurant.

New Year's News

Life is a gift. Each moment is precious. And I try to remain in the present. Yet it is fun to look back, including at 50 Favorites 2023 and my first culinary cartoon series, “That Guy!” And as the old year fades and the new one gets underway, it is time to start something(s) new. 

Do Tell

MARO’s secret specials are now offered six days a week.  

By Jan Walsh 
Chef Abhi Sainju’s new restaurant, MARO is a fast casual, Asian Fusion eatery. It is located at 361 Rele Street, in Lane Parke, in the same Mountain Brook Village neighborhood as Abhi Eatery and Bar, and open Monday through Saturday. 

Food for Thought 
Dyron’s executive chef, Chris Melville weeds out all seed oils.
By Jan Walsh 

Since 2009 Dyron’s Lowcountry Restaurant has shared restaurateurs Dyron and Sonya Powell’s love of Lowcountry cuisine. Their focus has always been on fresh, local and regional food made with whole ingredients. And Executive Chef, Chris Melville just stirred and sweetened the pot. 

Champagne Brunch 
Galley and Garden’s Sunday brunch is a time-honored classic. 
By Jan Walsh 

Growing up, my hometown had no Sunday brunch offerings. Few restaurants were open on Sunday other than the Dairy Queen. So, my first restaurant brunch experience was as a teen, at a little hole in the wall, in Birmingham. Here cheap sparkling wine was promoted as “Champagne Brunch.” And although it was not impressive, the idea of bubbles with brunch became hardwired in my brain that day. 
Today’s champagne brunch is at Galley and Garden, one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city and state with an award-winning wine list. We are warmly welcomed, as always, by MaĆ®tre D' Stan Reynolds, who is a fixture here. His delightful personality and attention to the smallest detail is the cherry on top of every dining experience at Galley and Garden. 

Holiday Market 2023

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