Chef - MARO

Abhi Sainju

Chef Abhi Sainju is a self-trained chef.

Chef Abhi is a native of Nepal. He started sharpening his knives in 1996, when he moved to U.S. and could not find the same food that he had growing up. He developed his culinary skill set from a longing for his native Nepalese cuisine and other Asian dishes from his youth. More recently began his own sushi catering business, Everest Sushi in 2013.

Today Abhi is the executive chef and restaurateur at his signature restaurants, Abhi Eatery and Bar in Mountain Brook Village and MARO by Abhi in Mountain Brook. 

Allow Chef Abhi the opportunity to experience some of the specialties from his homeland of Nepal, as well as dishes with diverse Asian influences from Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and more.