Fig Tree

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Catering Menu:

Beef / Chicken / Pork Entree


Caribbean Chicken 11.95 pp

Teriyaki Chicken 11.95 pp

Tuscan Style Pork chops 14.95 pp

Sunday Beef Roast 14.95 pp

Mojo Pork Loin 14.95 pp

Beef Tips 14.95

Pasta Entree


Lasagna 11.95 pp

Chicken Pomodoro 11.95 pp

Pesto Chicken Ziti 11.95 pp



Mac and Cheese 3.50 pp

Roasted Potatoes 3.50 pp

Mashed Potatoes 3.50 pp

Rice 3.50 pp

Greek Salad 3.50 pp

House Salad 3.50 pp

Extra side 3.50 pp



Cookies 14.95 per dozen

Brownies 14.95 per dozen

Bread Pudding 4.50 pp


Sweet or Unsweet Tea 3.50 per gallon

Menu items and prices are subject to change due to seasonal changes.