Frenchies Bread 

I got my first bite of Frenchies at Tasting TBL.

By Jan Walsh 

Frenchies will be a multidimensional, Frnech restaurant. In addition to the  restaurant and bar, the space will include a late-night bar and al fresco event space, pâtisserie and café for breakfast and lunch, full-service catering options, and e-commerce meal delivery for businesses and families.

fresh organic cranberry sauce spread Fresh Organic Cranberry Sauce & Spread Recipe 

My favorite Thanksgiving cranberry sauce doubles as a Christmas appetizer. 

By Jan Walsh 

I grew up watching the two generations, before me, open cans of jellied cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. It would slide out of the can whole, and presented circular can impressions on the slimy, giggly, log, which would then be cut into slices. Hmm, guess the slicing is what those circles were really for… But I never understood why such an otherwise beautiful Thanksgiving meal had to be accompanied by canned cranberry. Even if you liked it, which I did not (at least the one bite of it I ever tasted), it was not worthy of the turkey and dressing it was there to enhance. 

The Silvertron Cafe’s Marco Morosini demos basic risotto.
By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Risotto is a versatile and nutritious Italian dish that can be served as a first course or main dish. A key component of making risotto is the selection of the flavoring ingredient, which can be veggies, seafood, mushrooms, or any ingredient you choose. The chosen ingredient’s flavor characteristics become synthesized into the risotto as it is cooked. Make this dish your own by substituting the green peas with your favorite food. Then make another variation by experimenting with a different flavoring ingredient.

Frank Stitt's Winter Vegetable Cocotte

Local Flavor 

Make a u-turn at the drive thru and savor "slow foods" of Alabama.

By Jan Walsh 

The Slow Food Movement just sprouted a Birmingham convivium (chapter). Frank and Pardis Stitt began the local movement in an effort to champion the Southern foods and food traditions of Alabama. In a "pecan shell," Slow Food is the opposite of fast food. It is not ordered through a microphone to a faceless menu board with a loud voice anxious to add fries or super-size. Slow Food is grown or produced locally and arrives fresh, full of flavor.