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dyron's chef randall baldwin Randall Baldwin

Born in Saraland, AL in Mobile County, Randall grew up helping his mom and grandmother cook in the family kitchen.

After spending a few years in the US Marine Corps, Randall decided to follow his passion for cooking and pursued his formal training at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. While at CIA, Randall developed a deep admiration for Chef Frank Stitt and his dream was to work in Frank's kitchen. That dream came to reality when he earned an externship spot at Bottega during his last year of school. Upon graduation, Randall was offered a full time position at Bottega. He was later promoted to Chef de Cuisine at Chez Fonfon and was eventually named the Kitchen Manager at Highlands Bar and Grill.

Growing up in Mobile County, Chef Baldwin is very familiar with coastal cuisine and when he thinks of Lowcountry, he thinks of South Alabama. He thinks of catching fish as a boy and cooking them the same day. He loves fresh ingredients and he embraces the idea that with great ingredients, you don't need complicated dishes.

At Dyron's Lowcountry, Baldwin accommodates fresh and available, local produce while focusing on keeping the menu simple and true to his vision of the Lowcountry. When describing fresh ingredients, Baldwine said, "I want tomatoes that are still warm from the afternoon sun when they come in the back door of the restaurant." In his words, "I want to enhance the flavors in our dishes by focusing on finding the very best ingredients and preparing them in the traditional Lowcountry style. For me, that means simple dishes that have roots in coastal and Lowcountry traditions, just like my mom used to make."