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Easter cookies Easter Treats 

Lorena’s Scratch Sweets baking Easter desserts for Bare Naked Noodles.

By Jan Walsh  
Serendipity is a wonderful thing. If you believe in it that is. In today’s digital and social networking world, I typically don’t take enough real-life time to allow “happy accidents” to happen. My calendar is just to full. But recently I made time to hang out with two of my friends, separately on the same week, Linda Croley and Lauren Stuman. And serendipity happened. 

Easter cake And as a result, Lauren’s company, Lorena’s Scratch Sweets are now making homemade desserts for Linda’s company, Bare Naked Noodles Cafe. 

Lorena’s desserts are made with organic ingredients, Non-GMO ingredients, no preservatives, nothing artificial, no dyes, no chemicals, and never frozen. Everything she bakes is delectable and wholesome. 

And for Easter Bare Naked Noodles Café is offering Lorena’s Italian Cream Cake and Easter Cookies. Pre order from Southbridge cafe by calling 205-305-2715. 

Eli's Jerusalem Grill organic chicken sandwichOrganic Chicken Pita 

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill makes eating healthy easy and enjoyable. 

By Jan Walsh 

With today’s food system, I am careful what I eat. But not at Eli’s Jerusalem Grill. From the lamb chops to the hummus, Chef Eli Markshtien serves organic, Israeli cuisine—that is not only so good, but that I also feel good about feeding my family and recommending to my friends and readers. For your health he uses grass fed beef, natural local produce, Non-GMO cooking oil, organic rice, and organic chicken. Even the iced tea is organic! I have been in this kitchen for a photo and video shoot and can attest to all of the above and more. Everywhere I looked on his shelves, I saw USDA Organic labels. And if you have allergies, like me, he will make your food in a separate bowl in separate area if you call ahead.

I typically order the chicken kabob. But today I am working at my desk and order a take out of the chicken kabob sandwich. The pita bread is house made in the kitchen—daily. No wonder it is so fresh. The wholesome pita sandwich is overfilled with  bites of grilled, marinated, organic, chicken breast, and an Israeli salad, made of fresh diced tomatoes and cucumbers. Everything Eli calls for an extra slathering of his marvelous hummus, including this pita—would come here just for the hummus and pita bread. I also choose a side of crunchy, acidic, slaw style Red Cabbage Salad. The scrumptious sandwich and sassy side are a healthy, fulfilling, and highly recommended. 

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill has two locations, Highway 280 and at Pizitz Food Hall and is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. 

seasons 52 shrimp scampi Pre-Season Peek 

I get a sneak peek taste of Season’s 52’s Spring menu.  

By Jan Walsh 

Seasons 52’s Spring 2018 menu rolls out on March 6. But Chef Oliver Robinson must have known that I can’t wait because he invited me to join the staff at Seasons 52 Fresh Grill for a pre-tasting of their Spring menu in late February. Here he brings out 12 of their new and revised for spring dishes. And from starters to a new mini indulgence—I indulged. 

seasons 52 spring flatbread Each colorful dish sings with brightness and freshness. And when the last bite is tasted, I pick two favorites for my Weekly Food Find: Crispy Prosciutto and Asparagus Flatbread and Shrimp Scampi starter. The flatbread arrives piping hot, is colorful, thin, crisp, and loaded with bubbling parmesan, mozzarella, and camembert cheeses. Synthesizing with this melted goodness are generous toppings of asparagus chips and crispy prosciutto. And the bread is brightened with a half spritz of lemon juice. The flatbread makes a great shared dishbut is also awesome paired with the Shrimp Scampi. The aromatic scampi boasts five jumbo succulent shrimp atop al dente vegetable noodles, all swimming in a garlicy scampi sauce. The shrimp are cooked perfectly—plump, firm, and glistening. And their slight sweetness shines through their lovely, crisp, and dense texture. 

seasons 52 staff training seasons 52 chef oliver robinson

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