Little Bit Country galley and garden eggs benedict

Galley and Garden’s Country Ham Benedict satisfies my soul. 

By Jan Walsh 

I love farm egg Benedicts. No matter which bread or protein, I am in. 

And for those of us who grew up eating country ham, Galley and Garden’s Country Ham Benedict takes us back… Atop a warm, halved buttermilk biscuit, are thick, generous slices of country ham, fresh spinach, poached farm eggs, and house made hollandaise. The yolk runs down, onto the salty slices on first cut. And bite after bite, this comforting dish brings a down home deliciousness to the table. It is served with an arugula salad and potato hash. Highly recommended! 

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highlands baked Alaska A Heavenly Classic 

Highlands Bar and Grill’s Baked Alaska is birthday worthy. 

By Jan Walsh 

My husband, Kevin has a tradition of birthday dinner at the Bar of Highlands Bar and Grill. We always start with his favorite, shrimp cocktail along with crab claws and their divine cornbread. And we end with one of James Beard Foundation Awards’ Outstanding Pastry Chef 2018, Dolester Miles’ award-winning desserts. 

Tonight, he sees Baked Alaska, and says, “I have never had Baked Alaska. So, let’s have that. It arrives on a plate with “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate. Floating on a raspberry curd, the dessert is encircled with sliced almond bits that decorate the plate in a festive, confetti like fashion. 
Atop an almond cake foundation, the center is filled with a luscious, house made, cardamom ice cream and is ensconced in a decadent Swiss meringue. The almonds add texture to this creamy mound with a touch of crunch. And the curd adds a tartness that cuts the sweetness, balancing the dessert beautifully. 

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El Zunzun chicken saladZesty ZunZún

El ZunZún’s chicken salad makes a light, healthy, and flavorful lunch. 

By Jan Walsh 

I don’t order chicken salad often. Not because I don’t like it, but because it can be a toxic mix of GMO fed chickens, GMO mayo, and who knows what? Not at El ZunZún. El ZunZún sources pasture raised chickens and avoids GMOs in the kitchen. So, I feel safe ordering this new menu item, which I found on their new to go menu.  

The chicken salad is a mix of chicken, red onion, cilantro, lime, and avocado—thus the light green color. It is served with large tortilla chips, cucumber, beets, and a scoop of their incredible guacamole. The chips are hearty enough to break off pieces to scoop this delightful, zingy, and refreshing salad. Highly recommended! 

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