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Try our Pig in the Garden Classic Greek Salad 7.79
Served w/Cheese Biscuits, drink, and our slow-smoked pork
pulled chicken  8.29    
smoked turkey 8.79
beef brisket  8.79

Combo Meals
Includes FREE tea or soft drink.
Substitute fresh-squeezed lemonade .70¢

1. The Piggie XPress 7.29

For a limited time
Bar-B-Q sandwich, fresh-cut fries and a drink.
Pulled chicken  7.59    
Beef Brisket  8.29
Smoked turkey  8.29

2. Chicken Tenders
Served with fresh-cut fries and a drink.

Scratch-Made Dipping Sauces:
honey mustard, BBQ, ranch,
BBQ ranch, Buffalo, Bleu cheese

3. Hamburger Dave
Lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, 
ketchup, mustard, mayo and
American cheese. Served with 
fresh-cut fries and a drink.
single 6.99
double 8.99
add bacon .50

4. Pig in The Potato Patch

Loaded potato topped with Bar-B-Q.
Served with cheese biscuits and a drink.
pulled chicken 7.99    
Beef Brisket 8.49
Smoked turkey 8.49

5. Garden Salad or Classic Greek Salad 6.29
Served with cheese biscuits and a drink.
Or top it your way:
add pulled pork  7.79
pulled chicken 8.29    
Fried chicken 8.29
Beef Brisket 8.79    
Smoked turkey 8.79

Scratch-Made Dressings:
ranch,  Bar-B-Q ranch,  honey mustard,
Bleu cheese, Vinaigrette, thousand island

Bar-B-Q Plates
Original Pulled Pork Plate 12.29
with cheese biscuit and 2 scratch-made trimmings

Chicken Plates
with cheese biscuit and 2 trimmings
1/4 chicken 9.79
1/2 chicken 13.99
-substitute wing and breast add $1

Smoked Beef Brisket 13.99
with cheese biscuits and 2 trimmings

Smoked Turkey Breast 13.99
with cheese biscuits and 2 trimmings

Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

Classic Spare Ribs with 2 scratch-made trimmings
1 pound 11.99
2 pounds 16.99
3 pounds 23.99

Baby Back Ribs
with 2 scratch-made trimmings.
Little baby 11.99
Half baby 16.99
Big baby 23.99

with cheese biscuits 8.99
with fries 10.99

Scratch-made Trimmings
Fresh-cut fries, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw,
mac the cheese, collard greens, mashed potatoes with
gravy 2.49 each

Cheese Biscuits 
1/2 dozen 1.99
dozen 3.99

Hand-breaded Onion Rings 5.99

Mr. Jim's Soup of the Day 3.49

Feasts in a Flash
Includes two pint-sized trimmings, a dozen cheese biscuits or 6 buns

Family BBQ Pork Dinner 22.99

Family BBQ Chicken Dinner 24.99
Pulled, one Whole Chicken, or Fried Tenders 

Family BBQ Turkey Dinner 26.99

Family BBQ Beef Dinner 26.99

Family Rib Dinner 29.99

Babies or Spares

Picnic Portions

Spare Ribs 
3 pounds  19.49
(about 12 bones)

Baby Back Ribs full rack 19.49

(about 12 bones)

Picnic-Sized Trimmings
Pint (serves 2 - 4) 5.29 
Quart (serves 6 - 8) 8.29

Kid's Meals
With FREE drink. 12 and under please

Kid’s Pork Slider 2.99
Add a slider for 1.99 w/ Fresh Fruit or one trimming.

Kid’s Grilled Cheese 2.99
 w/ Fresh Fruit or one trimming.

Kid’s Chicken Tenders 3.99
 w/ Fresh Fruit or one trimming.

Kid’s Smoked Chicken Drummies 3.99
 w/ Fresh Fruit or one trimming.

Kid’s Mac the Cheese 3.99

Drinks & Desserts
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, ...Regular...1.59 Large...2.29
Root Beer, Hi-C Fruit Punch

Dorothy’s Fresh-Brewed Tea ...Regular...1.59 Large...2.29

Dave’s Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade...Regular...1.59  Large...2.99

Mable's Homemade Pies ...slice 3.49