El ZunZún

Menus at El ZunZún

Lunch Menu:

Small plates 

Guacamole | 8 / 12 avocado with lime, pickled tomatillo, pepitas, queso fresco, chile seed ash served with tortilla chips | substitute yucca or plantain chips +2 


Hummingbird Queso | 6/10 white cheese dip with charred chile de agua, adobo, queso fresco add chorizo or beef +2 served with tortilla chips | substitute yucca or plantain chips +2 


Queso Fundido | 7 baked cheese dip with queso Chihuahua, Cotija, adobo, pepitas add chorizo or beef +2 | add mushrooms +1served 


Mole Sampler | 6 negro, amarillo, coloradito, corn tortillas 


Chicken Taquitos | 12 fried tacos with roasted chicken, queso Chihuahua, cilantro, salsa verde, créme fraîche, queso fresco 


Don Chano's Empanada | 14 chicharrones, masa, avocado crema, lettuce, queso fresco 


Chicken Quesadilla| 14 large flour or corn tortilla with chicken, cheese, ranchera sauce 


Steak Quesadilla| 16 large flour or corn tortilla with bavette steak, cheese, salsa cascabel 


Chicken Tinga Tostada | 14 Chipolte simmered shredded chicken on top of a crispy tostada, créme fraîche, lettuce, queso fresco, avocado served with, green rice and black beans 


Mexican Street Pizza 

Large tortilla crisped over coals with heirloom-black-bean puree and toppings 


Pork and Mushroom | 16 pork confit, mushrooms, quesillo, créme fraîche, queso fresco, epazote, salsa cacahuate 


Sweet Potato and Chorizo | 15 sweet potato, red chorizo, epazote, quesillo, créme fraîche, queso fresco, salsa verde, cilantro 


two tacos served with green rice and black beans 


Al Pastor | 14 adobo-marinated pork from the spit, grilled pineapple, jamaica-pickled red onion, radish, cilantro 


Adobo Chicken | 13 adobo-marinated chicken thighs, créme fraîche, avocado, jamaica-pickled red onion, radish, cilantro 


Grilled Steak | 16 marinated bavette steak, poblano rajas, heirloom-black-bean puree, Cotija, radish, salsa montez 


Cochinita Pibil | 14 achiote-braised pork, jamaica-pickled red onion, grilled pineapple, cilantro 


Mole Chicken | 14 adobo-marinated chicken thighs, mole negro, radish, créme fraîche, toasted sesame seeds 


Fish | 16 fish of the day, masa batter, pickled red cabbage, jalapeño mayo, lime 


Jackfruit | 12 adobo-marinated jackfruit, smoked mole mayo, guacamole, grilled pineapple, radish, jalapeño 


Mexican Sandwiches 

sandwiches served with yucca fries and smoked mole mayo 


Cochinita Pibil | 12 achiote-braised pork, grilled pineapple, jamaica-pickled red onion 


Chicken Milanesa | 12 tortilla-crusted chicken breast, heirloom-black-bean puree, quesillo, escabeche, avocado, smoked mole mayo


Salads and Soups 

Taco Salad | 12 Crispy tortilla bowl, lettuce, corn & blackbean salsa, cilantro-lime ranch gaucamole, Mexican shredded cheese, with your choice of adobo chicken or seasoned Beef 


Chicken Salad | 10 roasted chicken, avocado mayo, red onion, cilantro, lime served with radish,cucumber and crispy tortillas 


Ceviche | 16 fish of the day, lime, grapefruit, serrano, red onion, avocado, cilantro, plantains 


Tortilla Soup | 4 / 7 chicken, seasonal squash, queso Chihuahua, tortilla strips, avocado, cilantro, lime 


House Salad | 7 lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded cheese 



Street Corn | 5 corn off the cob, créme fraîche, queso fresco, sal de gusano, chile seed ash, cilantro, lime 


Green Rice | 4 poblano, cilantro, parsley, epazote, lime 


Black Beans | 6 ayocote black beans, avocado leaf, chile de arbol, epazote, ham hock 


Yucca Fries | 5


Kid’s Menu 

Cheese Quesadilla | 5 

Crispy Beef or Chicken Taco | 6 

Beef or Chicken Nachos 




Fresca of the Day | 3.50 fruit-infused water prepared daily 

Topo Chico | 3 

Mexican Coke, Sprite (12 oz.) | 3 

Diet Coke (8 oz.) | 2.75 

Jarritos | 3 

Sidral Mundet Apple Soda | 3 

Sweet or Unsweet Tea | 2.50 

Higher Ground French Press Coffee | 6 

Hot Tea | 4 ginger hibiscus or chamomile 


Janelle's Vanilla Flan | 8 fried dough pastry with cinnamon and sugar 

Churros with Goat's Milk Caramel | 8 fried dough pastry with cinnamon and sugar 

Mexican Chocolate Brownie |10 spiced brownies with Mexican ice cream 

Mexican Wedding cookies |8