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Pardis margaritas Pardis Stitt has a unique twist on the classic margarita. 

Frank Stitt's wife and business partner, Pardis prefers her margaritas with fresh orange juice. And her version became so popular that it is a mainstay at Bottega Cafe. I love to make these at home during fun family times together. And one Christmas holiday, when I was under the weather, my family made them for me. The alcohol and the Vitamin C proved to be a cure all.

Jinsei kadoma tuna recipeJohn Cassimus shares a popular pairing at Jinsei.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Entrepreneur John Cassimus is the owner of three local restaurants: Jinsei Sushi Bar and Lounge, Maki Fresh, and Miss Dots. Today he and his staff at Jinsei show and tell how to make their wildly popular, Kadoma Tuna and how to shake their luscious Yuzu Sour.

The beautiful red-orange color of this drink in a simple martini glass is an elegant reminder of the holiday season. 

Each year, Chris and Idie Hastings, owners of Hot and Hot Fish Club, enjoys hosting a holiday Christmas party for their neighborhood. And their friends and family agree that the Blood Orange Martinis are the highlight of this festive affair.