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Menus - Chez Fonfon

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Lunch and Dinner Menu:

La Petite Cuisine

Spring vegetable fritter with comté 6.00 

Grilled jumbo asparagus with farm egg vinaigrette 12.00 

Capriole Sofia with marinated artichokes and watercress 9.00 

Salade Fonfon with beets, walnuts and blue cheese 8.75 

Crawfish tartine with farm egg and sweet peas 8.50 

Steak tartare “2015” 13.75 

Marinated picholine and niçoise olives 2.95 

Grilled and cured sausages with radishes and céleri root 7.75 

Country pâté of pork, ham, foie gras and pistachios 14.75 

Charcuterie platter—housemade pâté, rillettes, cured meats 25.00 

Chicken liver mousse and grilled ciabatta 9.50 

Escargots with parsley and shallot butter 9.75 

Soupe du jour 8.50 

Les Grands Plats

Braised beef cheeks and oxtail with spring vegetables and persillade 23.00 

Grilled chicken thighs with roasted asparagus, bulb onion and watercress 15.00 

Omelette “Lyonnaise”—sautéed onions, asparagus and farmer’s cheese 14.50 

Grilled salmon with sweet peas, spring onion and Pommerey mustard 19.00 

Shrimp and avocado salad with sauce rémoulade 15.50 

Moules et frites “Marinère style” with white wine, shallots and thyme 15.50 

Croque Monsieur—French “ham and cheese” with pommes frites 11.50 

Croque Madame—griddled ham and comté with fried egg and pommes frites 12.95 

Trout amandine with brown butter and brabant potatoes 19.75 

Hamburger Fonfon with comté and pommes frites 14.95 

Steak frites—grilled hanger steak with salsa verde 24.00 


glazed carrots & turnip 

white beans & persillade 

grilled asparagus & farmer’s cheese 

sweet peas & mint 

Specialite du jour

Lundi - Fermé 

Mardi - Fish with crawfish meunière M.P. 

Mercredi - Pork schnitzel 18.00 

Jeudi - Crabcake with fines herbs 21.95 

Vendredi - Roast fish with spring vegetable ragoût M.P. 

Chaque jour: simple fish with sauce gribiche, or snap pea, scallion, mint and lemon zest relish or beurre blanc m.p. 


Abbaye de Belloc (sheep) 

Wabash Cannonball (goat) 

Green Hill (cow) 

Comté (cow) 

Fourme d’Ambert (cow) 

taste of three 13.25 

taste of all 20.00 

Desserts - $9.25

*Lemon meringue tart 

*Chocolate pot de crème 

*Strawberry cheesecake 

*Coconut cake

Sauternes Château La Rivière ’11 10.00/glass 

Moscato Vietti ’14 6.00/glass 

Les Boissons

Highlands Martini 9.00 

Sazerac 12.00 

Pastis 6.50 

French 75 9.00 

Dijon Sidecar 10.00 

The French Mule 11.00 

Ginger Martini 9.00 

The Surly Frenchman 10.00 

Root of all Evil 10.00 

French Blonde 10.00 

The Innovation 10.00 

Citron pressé 4.00 

Carafe: La Vieille Ferme 

blanc ou rouge ’13 15.00 

Harney & Son’s hot teas 4.00 

Mountain Valley Water 

still / sparkling 

small 2.00 large 5.00 


Late night special 9:00-10:00 

Steak tartare & a glass of Grenache Saint Cosme $12.00 

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