Beta Brunch

Beautiful new brunch at Watkins Branch Bourbon and Brassiere!

By Jan Walsh

Today, Chef J.P. Holland whips up brunch for his friends. Kev and I are honored to be invited and among the first to taste the new brunch menu at Watkins Branch Bourbon and Brassiere. The weekend brunch officially opens to the public September 12, and will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

We arrive for our reservation and seat ourselves at the back, corner table. This intimate bar boasts both brunch cocktails and a cocktail menu. Kev opts for a mimosa. And I choose “Ain’t Life Grand” cocktail because just being here makes it so. Kev’s mimosa is a generous classic. And my cocktail is a passionate mix of Plantations 3 Stars Rum and OFTD, fresh passionfruit puree, Passao, lemon, and lime. One sip and I am reminded that the selection of spirits is one reason we come herecan’t make a luscious drink like this at our home bar.

For appetizers we select Shrimp Cocktail and Deviled Eggs. Seven succulent pink, perfectly curled shrimp float atop J.P.’s amazing cocktail sauce. Their lovely texture and flavors speak to their freshness and Gulf Coast quality. The eggs burst with farm freshness, accented by capers and shallots. Wowed by the eggs, we ask chef if he will make us some for the holidays. And he is happy to oblige.

For our main course cocktails, we both order Bourbon Mary. Dinkle Tabasco Barrel Finish and Charleston Bloody Mary mix unite in this serious Bloody.


Kev makes a meal of the sides combining eggs over medium, house made sausage, and two orders of silver dollar pancakes. And I order the Shrimp Omelet. The eggs are cooked as he likes with yolks running. The scrumptious sausage is moist and meaty. But these are not silver dollar pancakes! One bite, and I declare these thick, golden, cakes, served in warm Maple syrup, are Gold Bullion Pancakes! Highly recommended! Good thing Kev ordered two orders because I ate half of them. My omelet is what J.P. describes as “one hot mess.”



In addition to the Gulf shrimp, the omelet is overfilled with tomato, onion, bell pepper, and pecorino. I cut bites of the omelet into the comforting, side of house made cheese grits, which are the same recipe as Fig’s grits, which are always a must order. From acidity to creaminess, this dish has it all. Yet why have it all when you can have more? So, I add a side of Macerated Berries. Large, plum and juicy blackberries, thin skinned blueberries, and aromatic strawberries top off my marvelous meal with a touch of sweetness.

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