Grilled Goodness

Lloyd’s Restaurant is much more than a meat and three.

By Jan Walsh

Restaurants don’t last 83 years without really good food… I never cease to be amazed at the novices who open a new restaurant and know little about food. They fret over location, often overpaying. And if unsuccessful, they
frantically spend mega money marketing “the place” with radio ads. People always ask me, “Was it good? They never ask, “Was it pretty? Do you like its concept? Did you hear their radio ad?...

Lloyd’s Restaurant has sat on this spot in Highway 280 since 1978 after Eli Stevens bought it from Lloyd Chesser, who had founded Lloyd’s in 1937 in Chelsea. And Stevens already knew a lot about food and this restaurant when he bought it. He previously worked with his father in their family business Home Baking Company, delivering bread to Lloyd’s three times weekly. Since that time, Stevens has seen a lot of restaurants come and go on 280—restaurants without great food.

Lloyd’s Restaurant is all about the food. It has long been defined as a very good, local family owned meat and three with friendly wait staff. It is a place where I go for veggies. Kev goes for the ham and hamburger steak.
Granted, meat and veggies are the core product of Lloyd’s 83-year-old success. But today we forgo our comforting favorites and order off the grill.


We arrive to smiling faces and are told to sit wherever we’d like. I spot Fried Oysters and Shrimp Basket and Pacific Snapper on the daily specials’ chalkboard. That snapper might as well have my name on it. Kev orders the pork chop. We order both grilled, although the chop and snapper are also offered fried. They both come with two sides. And when I order yams, Kev asks, “What is a yam anyway?” Seriously!

Kev’s thick, generous chop was cooked to perfection—white throughout its inside, while maintaining its tender juiciness. His fried green tomatoes are golden and crisp on the outside and meaty on the inside. And his broccoli casserole is unlike any other with the ratio of rice and broccoli in every bite without the typical creamy base.

My snapper is a big catch! And it is glistening with grilled goodness. On the first bite of this delicate fish, our server asks, “Is it good, darling?” I have never had a better piece of fish—and grilled perfectly! The freshness and quality tell their fish tale in every bite of this pristine, delicate fish. Highly Recommended! The collards are scrumptious as are the yams. So, I encourage Kev to try the yams by telling him they are sweet. He takes a small bite, is surprised that he likes them, and ate the remainder of whole portion. Once I learned that the Pacific Snapper was to be the special all week, I sent Kev back for take out twice. And I am happy to report that it travels very well. They loosely wrapped the fish in foil, inside the carry out box, which maintained its juices.

We end on more sweet notes of house made desserts. The pie is a piece of whipped heaven. And the banana pudding is a dream, just like my grandmother used to make.

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